Is elongate crypto real?

Every day new crypto coins are developed, as their makers hope to recreate the success of the original Bitcoin. Most cryptocurrencies are made to solve a problem or to pursue a purpose but at the same time, there are coins that were created as a meme like Dogecoin. Elongate originated from memes but it follows a more serious purpose as it is a charity token that has partnered with Human Relief Foundation, National Kidney Foundation, Mother Earth Foundation and many more.

Every two weeks, 60% of Elongate coin’s proceeds go to a charity chosen by its community. As of today, Elongate has raised $3.25 million dollars for different non-governmental organisations.

This article is not financial advice. You should do your own research before investing your money in the crypto field or any other capital market.

The elongate crypto price has lost most of its value in the past months. Therefore, the elongate crypto coin is an extremely risky investment. Even with cryptocurrency standards.

How to buy Elongate?

In order to buy an Elongate coin, first, you need to make a Binance account and then you are going to buy as many BNB tokens as you’d like to buy Elongate. The elongate crypto price is extremely low, which means you can buy a lot of elongate crypto coin for a little money. But you should see if that is a good idea or not. After all, the elongate crypto price has lost more than 90% of its value. 

For the second step, you’re gonna need a wallet as it is necessary to begin trading on Pancakeswap. The best two wallets are Metamask and Trust Wallet. In order to set your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain, you’re gonna have to open Metamask attachments, change the network from Ethereum mainnet to custom RPC and enter the parameters below:

Network name: Binance Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer:

Now you’re ready to trade on Pancakeswap!

The last step is really easy, all you need to do is look up the Elongate coin on Pancakeswap.

Make sure to check the slippage before confirming your transaction.

What is Elongate crypto value?

In this section, will take a look at ElonGate crypto price. By looking at athe Elongate crypto coin technical analysis, you would be able to figure out whether or not you should be investing in the elongate crypto coin.

If you look at this picture that shows the elongate crypto price, you will quickly understand how much value is lost. The elongate crypto coin is a meme coin. Therefore it has no fundamental value. Then, elongate will lose all its value once the hype is gone, and the investors decide that it is the time to sell. 

Elongate crypto coin once was able to reach 0.0000008000. Then, it lose the hype and reached 0.0000001000, and much lower by now.


But, in the next section, we will get into this topic more deeply. 

What happened Elongate coin?

The developer team created the Elongate as a meme coin. The developers had the idea because of the hype around Elon Musk’s name in the crypto community. This meme coin has no fundamental value and doesn’t even have a use case.   

Dogecoin was able to reach around 0.75 dollars because it didn’t get into the market for the money. And that is why people love to buy and keep some Dogecoin. Even if it was never going to bring profit to them.

Elongate on the other hand used the hype in the crypto community around meme coins and elongate to make some quick money. That’s why investors of Elongate crypto coin lost most of their money. The elongate crypto price dropped dramatically once the investors decided that it was time to get out.

Does Elongate crypto have potential?

Elongate is a deflationary coin which means after it reaches its limit, no new coins can be mined. So if Elongate becomes big one day, its tokens would be in high demand and this pushes the price even higher.

Elongate prices aren’t doing well at the moment. It is a small token with a market cap of just over $12 million dollars.

This means you can gain a lot of money once the elongate crypto coin has gained attention and investors started buying again. The elongate crypto price dropped dramatically because the investors decided that it was enough profit. Then, smaller investors lost most of their investment. 

If you want to invest in the elongate crypto coin you should be extremely careful of your investment.


Is ElonGate crypto safe?

The elongate coin received an 88% security score. The technicians didn’t detect any critical issues. Therefore, it can be considered a safe coin. Though, meme coins have no faundamental value. Therefore, they always have a sense of high risk when investing.

Is ElonGate on coinbase?

Elongate is not available on the coinbase app or coinbase wallet. This is because the coinbase exchange is one of the leading crypto exchanges. Therefore, they are very careful of the coin they add to their platform. Then, coins like Elongate that don’t meet their expectations could not make it to the list.

Can I convert ElonGate to BNB?

You can do it on Trust Wallet by going to Pancakeswap. Under the exchange option, you can convert your Elongate coins to BNB. This is a plus point for Elongate, as transactions that take place on the Binance Smart Chain or Binance chain have a very small transaction fee.

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