How to use Trust Wallet?

This article will teach you how to set up your Trust Wallet and enable the trust wallet browser. To enable trust wallet browser or dApp browser, read this article and follow the step-by-step guide presented to you later in this article.

Trust Wallet is a crypto wallet software that you can install on your phone or use by installing the trust wallet extension on your PC browser. Trust wallet has a built-in dApp browser; this allows users to explore the dApps trust wallet supports. This article will teach you how to set up your trust wallet if you have just installed the app or the trust wallet extension. Then, it will give you an easy guide on how you can enable trust wallet browser. 

Trust Wallet acts as a bridge that connects two individual blockchains via their nodes. Every blockchain has its own set of public addresses. These addresses are where the Crypto is encrypted and stored. Trust Wallet does not hold or control any Crypto; the Trust wallet just gives the user access to it. This means none of the dApps trust wallet supports on its dApp browser is controlled by trust wallet. 

The way you can use the trust wallet is so easy and understandable. It has many great features, such as its built-in dApp browser. Now trust wallet extension is also a thing. This means you can install the trust wallet extension on your PC browser, just like MetaMask.

Users can use the dApp browser on trust wallet to play crypto games or use the Defi dApps trust wallet.

But, if you want to use the trust wallet browser you must first enable the trust wallet browser (considering you have trust wallet extension or app installed on your device).

In order to use the trust wallet app, you should set up an account first. Then, in order for you to do that, there are a few steps that you should do, which are explained in the next section.

How to use Trust wallet for beginners?

1. Secure access to your Trust Wallet account:

I guess the most important thing about having a trust wallet is to keep the currencies safe. In order to do that you can “Enable Applock” which secures the app using a 6-digit password. You can find that in Settings → security → Passcode → enable. Then after you turn on the passcode, you’ll be asked every time you try to access the application.

2. Turn on or off the notifications:

This is really up to you, to choose if you want to receive notifications or not. Some think it’s crazy if they don’t and some think.

Then, it’s up to you to turn on the app notifications or not, but I recommend staying tuned in case of checking out each time you receive some amount of currencies.

3. Choose your default FIAT currency: 

Choose your fiat currency so that you may see the exchange rate between the cryptocurrencies on Trust Wallet and your chosen fiat currency. The steps are Settings → Preferences → Currency → choose your preferred fiat currency.

4. Sending Cryptocurrency on Trust Wallet:

After launching the application, select the Crypto wallet of the crypto you want to send. Then you should select the send option, and after that put the receiver’s address. After that enter the amount in crypto you intend to send. And in the end, click on send option.

5. Adding Cryptocurrency to Trust Wallet:

The default wallet setup account has Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin Wallet. But to add different currencies you should tap on the setting icon on the top right side of the screen and then add the currencies that you desire.

6. Choosing the speed of transactions:

When making transactions through Trust Wallet, users must pay transaction fees for processing. But the amount of fees varies by the speed of the transaction. So the quicker a transaction gets, the fee gets higher.

Although you can change that in settings to make the fee as less as possible. Although you may be in a hurry someday, the fastest transaction will be a good option. To set the speed you shall Just click on Settings → transactions → Transaction cost → choose from the three options available.

7. Receive Cryptocurrency in Trust Wallet

After launching the application, select the crypto you want to receive, then click on the receive option. Then you can send the Qr code or click on the copy button to copy your wallet address. Then you must send the information to the sender to receive cryptos.

How to enable browser on Trust Wallet?

To enable trust wallet browser on your phone, you should read this section. After you have enabled trust wallet browser, you can use the dApp browser on the trust wallet. The dApp browser enables users to access the dApps trust wallet on its platform.

Users can use the trust wallet browser as a dApp browser to find the latest dApps on the market. Or to use the dApp browser to see their favorite dApp among dApps trust wallet hosts. 

How to add browser to Trust Wallet Android:

  • To enable trust wallet browser on your Android device, open the trust wallet application.
  • Tap on “Settings.”
  • Then, look for the “Preferences” in the opened menu. Tap on Prefrences.
  • To enable trust wallet browser, toggle “Dapp Browser” enabled.
  • It should look like this when enabled.
  • Then, you can look for apps or games on the trust wallet browser.

How to get browser on Trust Wallet iOS:

*To enable the trust wallet browser on your IOS device, open the browser. Not the dApp browser, the browser on your phone. On iOS, it’s safari by default. 

  • Search for this address: URL: trust://browser_enable
  • Tap on Open
  • Now, your device’s trust wallet browser is enabled. 

Now you can check out the latest dApps trust wallet that has used its dApp browser.

But How to use the Trust Wallet with Binance? 

You can connect your Trust Wallet through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Feature.

First, Go to the Token section of the Trust Wallet.

Then Search for Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and enable it. Now click on BNB and select the receive option. Then click on the copy address button and open the Binance application after Selecting the Wallet in the Binance app and click on the overview.

Click on the withdrawal button, put in the address, select the network, feed in the amount, then Click on withdrawal and select the confirm button at the end. Put in the security code on your mobile and email address. And you’ll get a message that says everything was successful in the end.


How do I take my money from Trust Wallet?

To withdraw your crypto from your trust wallet, you must first swap the tokens you want to withdraw for some Bitcoin or Ethereum tokens. Then, create an account in an exchange that supports cash out to bank accounts. Then through the exchange, you would change the BTC or ETH tokens for FIAT to your bank account.

How do I pay with Trust Wallet?

Actually, this is very easy to do these days. All you need to do is enter the merchant’s Ethereum address to transfer tokens to their wallet. Or even scan the QR code to receive the information required for the transaction. Then, authorize the transaction and, Done!

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