What is a Helium miner?

Before explaining what a helium miner is, let’s have an intro for the article. One of the challenges miners have been running into is, Pow consensus algorithms. Or to be more precise it’s the energy they use to mine. Some have been arguing that the energy bitcoin and Ethereum use is a lot of energy.

Although to be fair, you should compare the energy Bitcoin uses to the energy that big banks use. Those banks have huge skyscrapers with stunning designs. Therefore the current banking system is also taking a huge amount of energy, how much energy do they need to run and maintain?

Anyways, Some cryptocurrencies claim that they can provide a new way to mine their new blocks. These new platforms have a new sight of how mining should be done. A helium miner for example uses a Proof of Coverage algorithm consensus. In another section, we will explain what that is.

What is a Helium hotspot miner?

The helium network uses a different type of consensus algorithm, known is Proof of Coverage or PoC. Therefore, the helium network and the helium miner and its native token have a fundamental difference from other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum networks and miners.  Therefore they have a different type of blockchain. Then, for your better understanding, the next section will explain exactly how the helium network blockchain is different.

But how are Helium miners different?

Helium network uses the Proof of Coverage consensus algorithm, instead of the Proof of work that Bitcoin and Ethereum are using. Ethereum plans to move on to the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm on Ethereum 2.0 update though.

 Now, let’s check out one of the best helium miner devices. I call it one of the best helium miner devices because it is manufactured by RAK. The company that is producing helium hotspot miner devices. Now, let’s learn some more about MNTD helium miner devices and why they are the best helium miner.

What is MNTD Helium miner?

MNTD helium miner is one of the best helium miner devices in the market you can purchase. MNTD is a new brand created by the company RAK. RAK is the same company that produces helium miner devices. But now, RAK is selling helium miner devices like the brand of MNTD helium miner devices directly to customers. 

helium miner

This is the gold edition of an MNTD helium miner. Miners use this device as a helium hotspot miner. It is one of the best helium miner devices on the market and comes with 8 Gigabytes of RAM.

How much does a Helium miner make?

In this section of the article, we’ll check out how much you can probably make using a helium hotspot miner. So, stick around to get to one of the most important questions. 

Is it worth buying Helium miner?

Some helium miners reported that they have been gaining something around 400 dollars a month using a helium miner. You can purchase an MNTD helium miner to join the helium network and profit using your helium hotspot miner. 

If you think buying a helium miner just doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. You may be considering building a helium miner on your own. 

Can you build Helium miners?

Let’s check how a helium miner works. As you know, helium miners maintain the helium network. Helium network uses Proof of Coverage (PoC) instead of Proof of Work (PoW) like Bitcoin does. The Proof of Coverage checks and verifies that the helium hotspot miner is working properly. Working properly means that the helium hotspot miner is honestly providing the wireless network that it claims is provided. Then, you should know that this is important. إecause the Helium network can’t work properly unless the helium hotspot miners are placed appropriately. This is to make sure that the users who connect to the Helium network have stable and reliable network coverage. 

Some may even call them helium iot miners as the users who connect to the network usually have iot purposes. For example, they might connect to the helium iot miner to check how many rats their rat traps caught. Or anyone else who uses water level, temperature, weight or bike trackers etc. You get the idea right? 

So to sum it all up, the helium network needs to ensure that every helium hotspot miner or helium iot miner is placed appropriately. 

 So, the question is, Can you build a helium miner at home?

Some of you might be interested in making a helium iot miner at home. But it isn’t possible. You can make a hotspot that routes data for LongFi devices, but that has a simple difference with a helium hotspot miner. It is that the hotspot you make can not join the helium network and operate like how a helium iot miner would.


How much does a Helium Miners make?

Some users have reported 300 to 500 dollars a month of revenue using helium miners. This isn’t for everyone though, and you may receive different amounts as mining rewards if you decide to work with a helium miner. 

Does a Helium miner need Internet?

Yes, helium miners need an internet connection to start mining. Helium miners don’t use much internet or electricity. Therefore, helium iot miner devices use much less energy and internet data, a lot less than bitcoin, Ethereum, and other PoW consensus algorithm cryptocurrencies.

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