Top 10 original Xbox controllers to buy (2022 Guide)

If you own an Xbox console, you will eventually find yourself buying a new Xbox controller. Maybe you are trying to replace the control you got angry with while playing games or you are looking for an original controller for your co-op partner on your favorite game console. Regardless of the situation, adding another controller is an inevitable part of having a gaming system. In recent years, however, the market has been saturated with excellent Xbox gamepads, making it difficult to determine which one is the best buy. Another key point is that Microsoft has stopped making Xbox consoles, although the controllers should still be easy enough to get your hands on. In this article we will introduce Top 10 original Xbox controllers, so if you are looking for the best in the market, stay with us.

What is an original Xbox controller and what is it used for?

The Xbox Controller is the main game controller for Microsoft’s Xbox Home game console and was introduced at the 2000 Game Developers Conference. The first batch of Xbox that nicknamed “Duke” was the first controller with Xbox systems for all regions. Except for Japan, a smaller, redesigned version called the “Controller S” was sold in Japan and shipped with the console. It was later released elsewhere and replaced first-generation controllers worldwide by the end of 2003. The larger main controller remained available as an optional accessory. They are used to interact with Xbox games, apps and consoles. They are often used to jump between sections of the user interface, but depending on the game, they can perform different actions.

What is an original Xbox wireless controller?

Original Xbox wireless controllers are handheld regulators for gaming consoles that have no wires connected. Original Xbox wireless controller utilize remote innovation to empower game play to be less prohibitive, permitting players to sit basically anyplace in the room. They are accessible for all significant gaming control center and PCs. Perhaps the best advantage of an original Xbox wireless controller is capacity. This devices stay connected to the control center’s regulator ports, and the actual regulators have no wires to build up capacity units or become tangled.

Top 10 original Xbox controllers to buy

The followings are the newest models of Xbox original controllers:

  • Xbox Core Controller Xbox Classic Controller S-Type Wired Game Controller Original Xbox ControllerBest price

  • Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2

  • PowerA Enhanced Wired ControllerBest overall

  • Razer Wolverine UltimateBest expensive

  • Hyperkin Duke

  • Thrustmaster TMX Force

  • Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One

  • Xbox Adaptive Controller

  • Noa Store 2 LOT Black Controller Control Pad Compatible with Microsoft XBOX X System

  • Original Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition Customized by DreamController Compatible

1.Xbox Core Controller Xbox Classic Controller S-Type Wired Game Controller Original Xbox Controller

When you consider buying an Xbox original controller, it is difficult to skip the Xbox Core Controller Xbox Classic Controller S-Type Wired Game Controller Original Xbox Controller. There are no extraordinary contrivances or extravagant highlights stuffed into this gamepad. It is only the ideal accomplice to your Xbox Series X/S. However Microsoft stayed with the natural and agreeable plan of the Xbox one age, there are, be that as it may, a couple of slight changes to further develop your experience while utilizing it with the most recent control center including recording interactivity, D-cushion use, and a superior hold. In addition, it turns out perfect for gaming on your PC or phone too.


  • Classic design
  • wired
  • Lots of accessories available


  • The simplest Xbox controller available

2.Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2

This model is one of the world’s most expensive controllers has proven popular enough to warrant a second version. Revealed at E3 2019, this new version builds on the original in almost every way — but we all know the biggest improvement is the shift to a USB-C port for charging its 40-hour battery. It can even double as a wired controller if you are particularly sensitive to wireless lag during an Xbox Game.

The Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 comes with interchangeable thumb sticks, D-pads, and paddles, and it has the ability to adjust the tension of its analog inputs for things like faster trigger speeds and weightier movement and aiming. They even redesigned the rubberized grip, a common point of concern in the original version. If you have ever wanted to toss your original controller in the trash and spend an extra $100 for some extra buttons, the Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 is for you.


  • Insane battery life
  • Wired or wireless
  • Extra buttons for pro gaming


  • Pricey

3.PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Sometimes, it is convenient to have a whole flight of controllers available when your friends stop by for a quick game. Instead of having to worry about them bringing their own gamepad, a super affordable option always on hand ensures no one misses any gaming. This model is the perfect option, as it is cheap but still offers a sturdy build that can hold up against any action you throw at it.

This controller looks and feels similar to the standard Series X option. The layout is almost identical, though it does weigh a bit less, as this is a solely wired option. There is even a built-in share button and mic mute switch for when the outside world gets a bit too noisy. Overall, the face buttons are highly responsive, and as a whole, it offers great functionality, so you will love this as a backup option or even your mainstay.


  • Mic mute option
  • First-party quality
  • Affordable


  • Just a standard controller

4.Razer Wolverine Ultimate

On the third-party side, this model offers just as many customization options as the Xbox Elite Controller, plus a little extra style for those interested in flashing lights. Bundled with interchangeable analog sticks and directional pads as well as remap able bumpers and triggers, you can create and save more than 500 different customized setups depending on the game you are playing, and the controller’s sensitivity levels can be adjusted to give you the same level of customization you would expect on a mouse. If you are a fan of vibration, you can increase it in both Impulse Trigger and standard Rumble engines, which makes you even more immersed in racing or shooting. Wolverine Ultimate also includes Razer’s Chroma lighting. Gives you great effects that can be changed based on your preferences or, if you are a streamer, based on the reaction of your audience.


  • Extra buttons and customization options
  • Gamer lighting


  • Expensive

5.Hyperkin Duke

This model definitely is a gold from the past for those who loved the original Xbox controllers growing up and were a fan of the more ambitious design choices like clear paneling. This Xbox original controller is made with the classic Xbox button layout but is completely compatible with the Xbox One and includes vibration feedback. There are also some little features that can play the original Xbox animated startup when you first turn the controller on. This original Xbox controller is yours If you are looking for a classic experience to capture some of the magic of video games past on your Xbox One. It is only the outing through a world of fond memories that you have been searching for.


  • nostalgic
  • Licensed by Microsoft
  • No need for batteries


  • Very bulky compared to modern models

 6.Thrustmaster TMX Force

Without a doubt, racing games are best played on a proper wheel setup like Thrustmaster’s TMX Force Feedback. The reasonable price along with the ruggedness and feel of its components will impress anyone hitting the virtual open road. There is an insane amount of realistic, responsive force feedback that is tuned with a good belt-pulley system. If you are concerned about precision, the wheel has a non-slip grip and 900° rotation. Your favorite driving games feel a whole lot more immersive and even a bit more challenging with this wheel plugged in.

This xbox original controller has only two pedals, so you will be shifting gears with the attached metal paddle shifters, similar to those found in a real high-performance car. The button layout and styling match that of a racecar rather than a standard Xbox controller. In addition, in addition to using it with the latest Xbox, the wheel works seamlessly with your PC. This modestly priced racing set-up has everything that most could want in order to reach the finish line.


  • Different gaming experience


  • Expensive

 7.Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One

One of the best ways to fly an aircraft is with Thrustmaster’s T-Flight HOTAS One. This versatile flying stick is simple enough for novice pilots to learn how to use it quickly, but experienced veterans can still appreciate it. You just plug in, use a realistic, ergonomic joystick and throttle to soar in the air.

T-Flight HOTAS One offers a solid and efficient design. There is not going to be a giant eye in the middle of your living room. The wood and throttle are smooth and precise. In addition, when you use them, you can easily find 15 different buttons and switches needed to perform actions in your game. There is even a share button to capture views of your scenic flight. Best of all, it is reasonably priced, especially for a HOTAS Flight Stick, and you can use it with your Xbox Series X / S and PC.


  • Good quality
  • All buttons are clearly labeled
  • Resistance is manually adjustable


  • Some parts are not designed like a real flight stick

8.Xbox Adaptive Controller

Playing on a traditional controller can be an extremely difficult or even impossible task for players with physical disabilities. The Xbox Adaptive Controller aims to serve this group of players by providing a fully customizable hub for accessibility devices. Every button on the standard Xbox One controller is represented by an input port on the side of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and users can use a 3.5mm or USB device to control these functions in whatever way serves them best. If more than one person in your household uses the Adaptive Controller and they have different needs, you can also customize profiles and switch between them on the fly. The controller comes with a 9-foot cable to charge its battery, and it is compatible with Windows 10 PC games.


  • Very customizable
  • accessibility
  • Wired, so no need to worry about batteries


  • A little bit bulky

9.Noa Store 2 LOT Black Controller Control Pad Compatible with Microsoft XBOX X System

Periodically, Microsoft offers special editions of its Xbox controllers for fans who are looking for something a little extra. The 2021 design that features red, gray, and black camo is lovely. It’s a nifty design that goes well with just about everything and includes all the latest controller upgrades like textured grips on the triggers and bumpers, a hybrid D-pad, a share button, and more. Noa Store 2 LOT Black Controller Control Pad Compatible with Microsoft XBOX X System has its own pros and cons coming here:


  • Cheap
  • Not heavy


  • Low quality
  • Buttons are loose

10.Original Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition Customized by DreamController Compatible

This controller appears similar to your typical core controller, but it packs a whole lot extra to help you make your best plays. Four effortlessly to use customizable paddles are on the backside. A switch near the triggers makes them actuate like a mouse click for an instant trigger. This faster response time can give you a huge advantage in shooters. This model, with four interchangeable thumbsticks, you can find the best feel for you. On top of the awesome buttons, thumbsticks, and paddles, the overall design of the model is something to marvel at. You will not get fatigued during long gaming sessions thanks to its lightweight, ergonomic build. It should be added that the grips on the rear of the handles will keep your hands firmly in place during even the most heated moments. Moreover, when you order Original Xbox Wireless Controller Special Edition Customized by DreamController Compatible, through the DreamController website, you can choose the colors on virtually every aspect of this gamepad. However, when using wirelessly, you are going to need those annoying AA batteries.


  • Well-colored
  • Wireless
  • Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, Xbox Series S/X, and, PC Windows 10 devices


  • You have to be careful about batteries

In conclusion

From original Xbox wireless controllers to wired Xbox original controllers, you are the one who opt. the options can be categorized based on your budget, style, game and console. We tried to cover most of your needs about choosing the right controllers in article, so you can compare and choose wisely.

Top 10 Best tea kettles to buy in 2022 (Full comparison)

Preparing tea is usually time consuming, especially if you have a small, low-capacity kettle or teapot. However, if you do not have a large one for tea in your kitchen, you will have to refill the kettle constantly, especially if you have a bunch of guests. In general, a tea kettle often has a whistle (whistling kettle) that tells you when it is boiling. This is because they do not turn off automatically, so be careful when using one.

However, worry about it is less electricity and the best stove kettle will last a lifetime. While not all of them can be used in induction cookers, we offer the best teapots for every budget and type of cooker to make your decision as easy as possible.

The kettle is actually a device for boiling water. It can be said that the kettle and teapot is a practical device, which is both responsible for brewing and preparing tea or coffee. In a way, if you are looking for the beauty of your kitchen environment, do not neglect to buy a set of tea kettles.

Top 10 Best tea kettles to buy







  • Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle

  • Cuisinart Aura Silver Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea KettleBest overall

  • Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Pour-Over Electric Tea Kettle

  • Medelco Cafe Brew Collection Stovetop Whistling Tea KettleBest price

In addition to using tea kettles to make tea, tea kettles can be used to boil water, make coffee, tea and baby food in an instant. A kettle makes everyday family life a little easier. This is one of the most important items in the kitchen for many. That is why many versions have been developed over the years, despite the fact that they always work the same.

Unfortunately, there are more substandard tea kettles with bisphenol-A on the market. This chemical, found in aluminum and cast iron tea kettles, is a major cause of heart disease, fertility problems and male impotence.

Of course, you want to avoid products like this. Due to this fact, we bring you the best tea kettles on the market. To select these kettles, we considered criteria such as type, material used, size, weight and other advanced features such as whistle feature for whistling kettle.

You can find more about the best stovetop teakettles below:


This stainless whistling tea kettle has a timeless design and heaps of style. Choose the stainless steel option, or if you have a cast-iron collection to match with, there is also Volcanic, Cerise, Marseilles Blue, or Satin Black available.

In addition, a stainless steel rim is designed to prevent chipping. The handle sits overhead the kettle itself but is heat resistant and designed to last. It is also paired with an ergonomic lid and handy whistle to let you know when the kettle is done boiling. The kettle needs to be hand-cleaned, and because of the enameled exterior, it can mark and smudge quite easily.


  • Whistle included
  • Enameled color options
  • Heatproof handle

suitable for all hob types


  • Not the largest capacity


The classic OXO Brew tea whistling kettles looks shiny with a stainless steel cover. It has an internal whistle that opens and closes with one touch for easy pouring. It only comes in stainless steel, but the classic OXO Brew teapot has an attractive retro look that we really enjoy. Its capacity is very medium for tea kettles and it is suitable for use in all types of stoves.

Triggering the opening to pour or refill is a genius. It takes a little more skill than a regular stove kettle, but that means you can easily stop it by pushing the trigger and blowing the whistle. We love a kettle whistle as much as the next person, but it’s nice to have the option to pick up our whistle every once in a while – whether for afternoon tea while the kids are asleep, or when your partner is at Now contact zoom. . It is good that we can remove it in this model.


  • Trigger for easy pouring
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Large capacity
  • 25 year guarantee


  • Built-in whistle (may not like this)


If your number one priority is style, look at the Fellow Clyde Stovetop Tea Kettle. This machine is perfectly paired with many of the best coffee makers and has an impressive design that stands out from the crowd. The Fellow Clyde matte black tea kettle has a silicone handle that prevents your hands from burning when you pour the kettle.

The stove kettle works on induction and electric stoves. You can enjoy the two-tone harmonic whistle that is installed right in the kettle. The Fellow Clyde teapot tries to keep out the annoying screams that come with some whistling teapots. Its mouth is very wide and short. Sounds great, but can create an unconventional shed.


  • Induction compatible
  • Great handle for pouring


  • Two-tone whistle


The Premier Housewares Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle is the most affordable option in our collection and its large capacity is excellent for generous tea sets. Whirlpool kettles made of Premier Stainless Steel are available in a wide range of colors, from plain black to vibrant lemons. The 2.6-liter cover is great for cooking as well as drinking tea.

The reasonable price is an undeniable range, and the Premier Housewares stainless steel whistle kettle is available for less than $50. It is also impressive – and we love the rubber sleeves that cover the handle. Prevents the kettle from slipping in your hand. The cover is not as stylish as some of our luxury tops and must be cleaned by hand.


  • Affordable
  • Countless color options
  • Large capacity


  • Nothing reported


The Alessi Tea Rex Hob Kettle is our preferred choice for the best stove kettle you can buy, and for good reason. This eye-catching kettle, designed by Michael Graves for Alessi and made of 10/18 stainless steel, has a beautiful whistle. For a fun ending, it is said to be a lucky spell and was created to mark the 30th anniversary of Alessi’s original design.

We love its symbolic appearance and the fact that it is not very tall when boiled. Also compatible with all stoves. Since it has a capacity of only 2.1 liters, it is probably not the best option for when you are waiting for a lot of tea, because otherwise you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen.


  • Compatible with all hobs including induction
  • Designer style
  • Instant wow factor


  • The capacity is not enough


All-coated steel tea kettle is one of the best stove kettles for quality design. It is made entirely of stainless steel, which means that the handle is not covered with any heat-resistant coating, but it also means that the design is really made for durability. With a whistle for easy pouring, the all-veneer stainless steel tea kettle has a sturdy handle. It is attached with solid rivets that look like branded cookware. If you have pans, the stove kettle is suitable.

The design is simple but beautiful. It is suitable for all types of stoves and has a wide base that makes your water heat up quickly and evenly. The price tag is above average, and since there is no anti-heat element, you may need to wear gloves when turning the switch and removing it.


  • Can be used on all hobs including induction
  • Classy and quality design
  • Large capacity


  • A bit pricey
  • Metal handle

7.   Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle

Fellow Stag EKG is a tea kettle made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. The kettle has a goose neck nozzle that allows you to control how water is poured from it. As an electric kettle, it has a heating base for fast heating. The kettle is available in four colors – matte black, matte white, chrome and a warm pink option with a Marple wooden handle.

The latter has a different price and is a bit more expensive. Marple wood material and the design of the kettle hand, which puts it away from the body, ensures that your hand is not exposed to the hot stainless steel body. There is an internal stopwatch for extraction timing. In addition, you can select the temperature you want and you can view the reading in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.


  • quick heating element
  • built-in brew stopwatch
  • several colors available


  • Heating base could be designed better

8.   Cuisinart Aura Silver Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea Kettle

Cuisinart is a well-known brand in the field of home appliances and kitchen appliances. The Aura silver tea kettle has many points about its design, function and price. This tea kettle is a medium size model with a capacity of two liters. This stove is designed using stainless steel directly on the parts where the water boils and the plastic where your hands usually go.

The plastic part on the handle is ergonomically designed so that your hands can hold them firmly. In addition, thanks to the O design, the door can be removed and turned with a finger. The kettle has a whistling function and notifies you in the morning when the water reaches boiling point.


  • ergonomic handle
  • boiling whistle


  • Expensive
  • the wall is not layered

9.   Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Pour-Over Electric Tea Kettle

This electric kettle has a capacity of 1.2 liters. It has a heating element in the base that can be detached and makes the kettle portable for individual use. There is something about gooseneck kettles. Apart from the beautiful appearance, they have on the kitchen table or dining table; they give the user the ability to control the flow rate for more accurate pouring. They also make tea and coffee easy to brew.

This makes it one of the best kettles for coffee and tea. The kettle itself is made of high quality stainless steel. Meanwhile, the base, which houses the electric kettle-heating element, is made of plastic for safety reasons. The handles and handles are also made of plastic for heat resistance and safe carrying.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Boil-dry protection
  • Cord wrap
  • On/off light


  • Could be more light weighted
  • Too heavy
  • Single-wall

10.   Medelco Cafe Brew Collection Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle

At first glance, go to the Cafe Go Collection tea kettle, you will conclude that it is just a jug of water and nothing more. However, the kettle can be placed on the stove. Works with almost all types of heat sources. You can use it to boil water or make coffee on an electric, glass or gas stove. It is mainly made of borosilicate glass, which is made in Duran, Germany, but assembled in the United States. This is a small kettle that can serve up to six cups. The kettle can be used as a jug of water. The lid and handle are made of plastic for safe movement.


  • Safe dishwasher top rack


  • Cleaning the inside by hand is not easy

What are the different types of tea kettles?

There are many types of tea kettles and Beyond them tea kettles come in many different materials and styles. From stainless steel to cast iron, colorful enamels, glass, copper, whistling and more. However, it is easy to find a tea kettle with the features and in the size that fits your needs.


If you are one of those people who enjoy spilled coffee, gooseneck kettle, which is available in two styles of stove and electric, can be an important tool in your kitchen arsenal. The long, narrow mouth, named after a gooseneck like this, gives you more control over water spills and brews a well-balanced drink. Although these kettles are ideal for pouring coffee, they also work well for other beverages.

Whistling tea kettle

The built-in whistle starts working when the water has boiled, and can be opened and closed safely with a simple pull lever on the handle. Bakelite handle is heat resistant when pouring in a cool touch. There is a large lid on top of the kettle for easy cleaning. For best results, wash this model with warm water and soap.

Glass tea kettle

A glass tea kettle is a type of kettle made of glass. There are several types of glass tea kettles that you can buy, including:

Electric glass tea kettle

An electric glass kettle is a quick and effective way to boil water for your tea. They come in a variety of styles, including those made of glass/stainless steel. Electric glass kettles heat water in just a few minutes, which is ideal if you are making a lot of tea or in a hurry.

Glass tea kettle on the stove

A glass kettle on the stove is a great addition to your kitchen. Easy to use, you can quickly enjoy hot water for your tea without worrying about the power outlet. Glass stove kettles look great with any kitchen style.

Glass tea kettle with brew

This model allows you to boil your own water while brewing tea, this is a great way to experience your favorite drinks. Glass kettles are a stylish and effective alternative to other types of kettles, a great way to enjoy your tea. If you have never tried a kettle before, a glass kettle could be just what you need to change your tea drinking habits. This model is best tea kettle for gas stove made of this kind of material.

Electric tea kettle

You are connected to the power supply, which is designed with a heating element in the base that heats the water faster than many types of traditional stove kettles. Some models have a “keep warm” feature that allows them to keep the water warmer for a second cup. Other electric tea kettles turn off automatically when water reaches its boiling point.

In addition, some kettles have multiple temperature settings and offer more control over the water temperature. Electric tea kettles are a modern and fast way to heat water for your hot drinks. You do not need a stove to use an electric kettle, just an electrical outlet, which makes this brewing style somewhat portable and a good option for preparing hot drinks in a home cafe or even in the office.

Best tea kettle for gas stove

The best tea kettle for gas stove are those made of stainless steel. This sleek-looking metal is popular because of being heat-resistant, and durable. It is also known to be rust proof. Steel can be very hot to the touch, however, so models with insulated touchpoints (like silicone handles) will help offset the health risks.

 In conclusion

As people who live in the modern world, our lives got a bit complicated and lack of a proper equipment can make it more complicated. One of the key things that can make you enjoy your life and boost your energy is coffee or tea. Serving them without good tea kettles is a pain. So, choose the best tea kettle (like whistling kettles) to make your life way joyful.

Top 5 Bose soundlinks to buy in 2022

When it launched, Bose made some bold claims about the sound quality of the SoundLink products, especially its bass performance. The exact quote was “It has an amazing bass … that you can feel in your chest.” There’s a bit of marketing hype going on there, but we have to say, this is mostly in line with the hype. Due to its size, the Bose soundlinks is incredibly bold, completely waterproof, and should be at the top of your list if you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker. This includes Bose soundlink mini, Bose soundlink micro, Bose soundlink color, Bose soundlink color 2 and Bose soundlink flex. Additionally, we will let you know how to pair Bose soundlink and How to reset Bose soundlink color.

What is a Bose soundlink and what are its uses?

Portable audio products sold by Bose Corporation are marketed as SoundLink models. These wireless speaker systems are battery-powered and transmit audio via a wireless connection from a separate source device (such as a computer or smartphone). Most models use Bluetooth to communicate with the source device.

  • Bose SoundLink Color 2Best overall

  • Bose SoundLink MicroBest price

  • Bose soundlink flex

  • Bose SoundLink Revolve+Best expensive

  • Bose SoundLink Revolve

5 best Bose soundlinks to buy

These are the best ones that can be found in the market:

1. Bose SoundLink Color 2

Bose SoundLink Color 2 is one of the best Bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers you can find which delivers Bose signature sound in a rugged portable design. This speaker has two 40 mm drivers that offer full and long range sound quality and is designed for IPX4 anti-splash. Pair with other Bluetooth-enabled devices to play wireless music up to 33 feet away. It also has auxiliary audio input for tablets and mp3 music players. SoundLink Color 2 also supports voice notifications, allowing you to talk via Bluetooth for easy pairing, and NFC connectivity, which lets you connect to your compatible devices with one tap.

We really enjoyed the sound quality of the Bose SoundLink Color 2 speaker. This speaker offers clear sound performance with vibrant heights, precise midrange and good bass response. When we performed rock and EDM performances outdoors, the speaker offered excellent sound quality with a very low frequency response. It plays a deep bass sound, making it ideal for parties and small gatherings where you can play loud music. We also liked the fact that this speaker is really loud – you can maximize the volume on the Bose SoundLink Color 2 without hearing distortion.


  • Crystal clear, loud sound performance
  • Supports true wireless stereo modes


  • Bluetooth versin 4.2 is outdated
  • Only splashproof (not waterproof)

2. Bose SoundLink Micro

Bose SoundLink Micro is one of the best Bose external Bluetooth speakers with small and compact design. This speaker is designed to provide clear and balanced sound performance with plenty of compact bass. Great for outdoor and beach parties where you can play music and enjoy rich, bass music. In addition, the SoundLink Micro speaker is designed with IPX7 waterproof resistance and has a soft and rugged exterior design that is resistant to dents, cracks and scratches. It is also easily portable and has a tear-resistant strap so you can wear it with you wherever you go. We enjoyed the fact that this speaker has a built-in battery that provides up to 6 hours of continuous music playback with a wireless range of up to 30 feet on a single charge. It also has a built-in speaker for making calls and provides voice access to your phone’s virtual assistant.

Despite its small size, Bose soundlink micro can pump up to 7.5 watts, which provides very high volume. The speaker plays the beats very well and you can hear the bass in music genres like rock and hip hop. The vocal performances sounded amazingly clean and clear, and you could hear the details of the music well at any sound level. At maximum volume, the Bose soundlink micro can produce a ton of sound without distortion – the sound effects and sound remain clear and consistent. Despite the relatively small size of the speaker, it can play much more bass than we expected. This creates deep, low frequency bands that add flare to the overall quality of the music.


  • Very clean sound, detailed vocals
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Waterproof


  • Not as loud as the Bose Soundlink Color II
  • Takes 3-4 hours to fully recharge

3. Bose soundlink flex

Bose soundlink flex is a really good sounding 360 Bluetooth speaker from Bose that delivers deep bass and crisp vocals. It’s one of the best Bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers that deliver lifelike sound quality in outdoor open spaces, and supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi music streaming. This speaker is designed to be one of the most versatile speakers from Bose, and can be used as home speaker, portable speaker and voice control speaker all in one. It also provides 360 degrees of crystal clear audio performance with deep bass, so you can take it virtually anywhere and enjoy the same music quality. So long as this speaker is within your Wi-Fi network range, you can control the Bose soundlink flex using your voice or enable Alexa or Google Assistant to stream integrated music services. You can also control it using wireless Bluetooth connectivity and play music from your smartphone device. Overall, bose soundlink flex is one of the best Bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers with great sound and we highly recommend them.


  • Powerful 360 sound with deep bass
  • Supports Alexa & Google Assistant


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Slightly expensive speaker

4. Bose SoundLink Revolve+

Bose SoundLink Revolve + is an upgraded version of SoundLink Revolve and is one of the best Bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers with IPX4 waterproof resistance. This is one of the best Bose portable speakers that offers deep and loud sound performance with 360-degree true sound coverage. It is also made for transport and has a flexible fabric handle that makes it easy to carry while moving. It also has a water-resistant exterior. We loved the fact that the SoundLink Revolve + offers up to 16 hours of playback time with a durable, rechargeable battery with a 33-foot wireless Bluetooth range. The speaker also supports wireless pairing of Bluetooth with voice messages so you can easily call and access Siri or Google Now. Overall, the Bose SoundLink Revolve + is one of the best Bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers you can find, and we highly recommend it.

We enjoyed the sound quality of the Bose SoundLink Revolve + speaker. This speaker produces clear sound quality with very clear pitches, precise midrange and deep bass output. This speaker is a sound power plant in itself and is capable of playing 360 audio with excellent output sound. You can really maximize the sound of this speaker without hearing any distortion – the details in the music stay steady and clear, and you can hear the beats clearly. This speaker performs EDM, rock and hip hop genres well, with powerful punch beats that make listening to them very satisfying. This speaker offers 360-degree audio output, which means you can place the speaker anywhere and have clear, continuous sound performance. In addition, you can pair two Bose SoundLink Revolve + speakers in party or stereo mode for much wider audio scenes if needed.


  • Clear and deep bass and sound
  • Supports Siri and Google Assistant
  • 16 hours of battery life


  • Slightly bulky speaker
  • Only splashproof (not waterproof)

5. Bose SoundLink Revolve

The Bose SoundLink Revolve is a slightly smaller speaker compared to the Bose SoundLink Revolve +, but overall it offers excellent sound performance. This is one of the best Bose outdoor Bluetooth speakers with IPX4 waterproof resistance and can be protected from rain or water splash when playing outdoor music. Compared to the SoundLink Revolve +, the SoundLink Revolve has a shorter battery life (12 hours) than the SoundLink Revolve + (16 hours) and also lacks the carrying handle on the SoundLink Revolve +. As mentioned, it is still relatively cheaper and has almost equal performance and sound output. This speaker offers deep, loud and immersive sound quality with true 360-degree coverage and wireless range of up to 30 feet. You can also use the Bose Connect app to connect both SoundLink Revolve speakers to a much wider stereo sound experience.

We were very impressed with the sound quality of the Bose SoundLink Revolve – the sharpness and level of detail you get from this speaker is really incredible considering the small size of the speaker. Through this speaker, we sampled several genres of music, including grass blue, rock, Latin, and jazz and acoustic guitar, and enjoyed the speaker’s good performance with instruments and singing. Everything looks clear and radiates 360 degrees, so you can place this speaker anywhere in the room and have crystal clear. Another feature we liked was the deep bass tones and midranges below the bass that you get from this speaker. This frequency range ran slowly and without any distortion or difficulty. This speaker has two internal passive bass radiators that dynamically improve the bass response in this speaker. The perceived sound quality and loudness of this speaker is very clear even when it is at a distance of 15 meters.


  • 360 sound quality, crisp vocals
  • IPX4 splashproof
  • Supports TWS and party modes


Battery life s not as powerful as SoundLink Revolve+

  • Lacks a carry handle at the top

How to choose the best Bose speaker for you?

The following shopping points will help you choose the best Bose speaker based on your needs and lifestyle:

Sound quality

If your priority is entertainment, consider sound quality first. Whether you’re hosting friends or family-friendly dinners, the Bose 500 Smart Speaker delivers wall-to-wall stereo sound designed to fill any room. Inside the Bose Smart Speaker 500 there are two custom drivers that are in the opposite direction and reflect sound from your walls. Result? An incredibly wide stereo sound scene that is perfect for any occasion.

Other options are Bose Home Speaker 300 and Bose Portable Smart Speaker. Both feature an amazing 360-degree Bose sound designed for crisp sound in all directions and great for bass lovers, with room backbones that are sure to impress.


If you want a smart speaker that can be with you wherever you go, try the Bose portable smart speaker. This includes the freedom of a Bluetooth speaker and the power of a smart speaker in a single product. When adventures take place, simply grab the speaker handle and go wherever your day takes you – from one room to another or out of the big unknown.

As for its smart features, they are available whenever the Bose soundlink speaker is connected to Wi-Fi. When there is no Wi-Fi connection, the speaker acts like any other wireless Bluetooth speaker, making it a great speaker for anyone on the go. Bose soundlink mini is completely portable as it is small enough.


Size is another important issue. Do you have a big house? A large space deserves a great sound. This is where the Bose Smart Speaker 500 comes in. Or is your space cramped? Instead, consider the Bose Home Speaker 300, which is a more compact speaker. At just over 6 inches in size, it delivers powerful sound, making it great for smaller rooms or spaces. Both smart speakers have the same smart features, so you can choose the one that has the ideal dimensions for your space.


Last but not least about opting bose soundlink speaker is control. The final point when buying the best smart home speaker should be how you interact with the speaker. If ease of use is important to you, know that all Bose smart speakers work easily with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With built-in voice assistants, just a simple voice command away from playing your favorite song or asking what you are. There is air. During the initial launch of the product, you can choose which voice assistant is easier to use. Even if your house is noisy, do not worry. Bose smart speakers have custom microphones designed to hear your voice even in the middle of a party. And for Apple users, Apple AirPlay 2 seamlessly integrates iOS technology. If you’re a visual person, the best smart home speaker for you might be the Bose Smart Speaker 500. The speaker has an LCD screen that shows you what is playing and also acts as a clock when nothing is playing. The remaining questions are how to reset Bose soundlink color and how to pair Bose soundlink.

How to reset Bose soundlink color?

To reset Bose Soundlink Color you should Press and hold the AUX and Volume Down buttons for 10 seconds. To reset Bose Soundlink Mini you should Press and hold the Mute button for 10 seconds. Yes, this easy method is how to reset Bose soundlink color.

How to pair Bose soundlink?

In order to know how to pair Bose soundlink speaker you should start with a new Soundlink speaker by attaching it to the wall using a wall charger and then:

1.  Press the power icon on the speaker. If the power light is red, it needs to be charged. If it is orange, the battery is half full. Green means the battery is full.

2.  When first turned on, the Bluetooth speaker should go into connection mode.

3.  If you need to change the language, tap the Plus (+) and Minus (-) icons to scroll through the options.

4.  Activate and connect your phone’s Bluetooth settings:

5.  On iOS devices: Go to Settings> Bluetooth and tap the blue / green Bluetooth key. In the My Devices section, select Bose Soundlink.

On Android devices: Go to Settings> Connected Devices> Connection Preferences> Tap the Bluetooth On / Green key. Select Pair New Device> Bose Soundlink.

When the speaker is ready to connect, the Bluetooth light on it flashes blue. White flashes when connected, and white appears when connected to a device.

In conclusion

Bose soundlink speakers like Bose soundlink mini is a well-known brand that offers a variety of speakers. Depending on your listening habits, you may prefer one Bose soundlink speaker over the other. They produce well-built Bluetooth speakers with balanced, neutral sound outside the box, and their smart speakers come with built-in voice assistant support. However, their models lack many voice customization options.

What are the best heat lamps to buy on 2022?

Heat lamp bulbs are special types of incandescent lamps. They are designed to generate as much heat as possible through infrared radiation, so they are often called infrared lamps, infrared heaters or IR lamps. Their ability to heat quickly, cheaply and efficiently makes them useful in many critical temperature applications.

  • Fluker’s Red Heat Bulbs for ReptilesBest overall

  • Qixivcom 2-Packs 100W Reptile Heat LampBest price

  • Fluker’s Ceramic Heat Emitter for Reptiles Black, 100 WattsBest expensive

  • BYB Heat Lamp

  • Aiicioo Heat Lamp

  • Zacro Heat Lamp

  • OMAYKEY Ceramic Heat Lamp 2-pack

  • theBlueStone Ceramic Heat Lamp

  • Fluker’s Ceramic Heat Lamp for Reptiles

  • Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Heat Lamp

What is a heat lamp?

As mentioned above Heat lamp bulbs are incandescent lamps that are used for the primary application of heat generation. They come in a variety of watts, voltages and sizes. Thermal lamps operate on the same principles as ordinary incandescent lamps, but produce much more infrared radiation. This generates more radiant heat and allows the heat lamp to be much more useful as a heat source than a conventional light bulb. There are two main types of incandescent bulbs, red bulbs and clear bulbs. They work the same way in terms of heat generation, but the red light bulb is less designed to produce visible light and is more suitable for situations where both heat and darkness are important.

Heat lamps are used in applications where heat generation is of primary importance, such as animal yards, food service, chemical drying, and paint and baths. Thermal lamps operate at temperatures much higher than conventional incandescent lamps and should only be used in appliances designed to prevent the risk of damage or fire.

What Are the Best Heat Lamps?

There are so many types of incandescent bulbs to choose from that you want to have something to examine all your boxes. If you have a small budget or just need to heat a small area such as a garage or sunroom, you can get a heat lamp for at least $65. If you want to keep up with the winter, add a few commercial heat lamp to your patio and melt a warm oasis in the snow. There are even options on this list with enough power to generate 48,000 BTU of heat. This is enough for restaurants and outdoor event venues, so it will be enough for your winter celebrations. Based on the function, you can use the following Heat Lamp models:

·         outdoor heat lamp

·         heat lamp for reptile

·         bathroom heat lamp

·         infrared heat lamp

·         chicken heat lamp

·         heat lamp for dogs

Where to buy the best heat lamps?

You can buy the best Heat lamp bulbs online or by yourself. There are so many online shops like Amazon that you can find a heat lamp. A heat lamp is a warming equipment so pay attention to the voltage if power is not cheap where you live. In addition, by reading this article until the end you can find out comprehensive information about these devices.

Benefits of heat lamp

In general, it can be said that according to the advantages and disadvantages of heat lamps, three categories of applications for these lamps can be named:

Benefits of heat lamps for animals

Many animals are very interested in heat. In fact, they are tropical in nature and it is difficult for them to live in conditions that are considered normal for a human being. Therefore, to improve the living conditions of many animals we can use the advantages and disadvantages of infrared lamps. In addition to providing ambient warmth to birds, these bulbs allow you to collect them under a set of lights. In fact, by turning on the infrared light, in addition to you and your pets enjoying their warmth, you can somehow manage their location and use an infrared lamp to collect them in a place of your choice. In addition, infrared bulbs can significantly reduce many of the diseases that occur in bird chicks (especially newborn chicks that are in serious need of infrared bulbs as artificial mothers). Health control of one-day-old chickens is another advantage of this lamp.

Benefits of heat lamps for humans

Strong pros of infrared lamps have caused this lamp to be used in the treatment of human problems. Infrared lamps emit their waves to affect the nervous system, blood circulation, and toxins that cause pain in the body tissue, and ultimately reduce pain. In addition, infrared radiation is used to treat wounds and some skin diseases. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of infrared lamps, it should be noted that if used incorrectly, the skin of the body may become inflamed and burnt. Therefore, the important advice that is widely repeated by all people who talk about the advantages and disadvantages of infrared lamps is to use them for a short time and with a doctor’s advice. In addition, never place this lamp on your body while sleeping. It has been observed that some people, due to the analgesic properties of this lamp, try to light it on their body during night sleep, which is not the right thing to do.

Key features of heat lamps

A heat lamp can be adjusted to generate the right amount of heat and you can use it with a range of propane tanks to meet your needs. They oscillate to warm indoor spaces quickly and efficiently. Their Safety features provide peace of mind and their assembly and installation is mostly effortless.

Types of heat lamps

There is a great deal of diversity when we talk about heat lamps and you find the most practical ones below:

Outdoor heat lamp

An outdoor heat lamp is exactly what it looks like, a means of heating your patio. But, there is more to them, and knowing the whole field before you buy will ensure that you get the right heater for your needs.

First, let’s talk about how they work. Like any other type of heater, a heat lamp uses some kind of fuel to keep the space warm. Thermal lamps are designed for outdoor use, although depending on the manufacturer they may be suitable for covered porches and similar spaces.

Heat lamps can be placed on the floor, hanging, wall or well on a table. Outdoor heat lamps can also include fire pits and chimneys, as both can provide a good amount of heat to the outside space.

Heat lamp for reptile

There are several options for providing heat for reptiles and the best option for you depends on your animal and your space. Overheating more naturally replicates reptiles exposed to sunlight, but underfloor heating is a good option to supplement the heat. If possible, avoid heat sources in the cage, or at least make sure they are protected to prevent direct contact between the reptile and the heat source to prevent burns. This is especially important for some species. Hot stones should generally be avoided that most of them can be hot enough to burn the reptile on one of them, but they do not do much to heat the whole tank. Of course, make sure that heat lamp for reptiles are used properly and safely to reduce the risk of burns or fire.

Bathroom heat lamp

Bathroom heat lamp is useful for installation, some of us may agree with this statement and some may not. Various companies still install incandescent bulbs, and because they are infrared, they use an incandescent bulb to generate heat instead of light. They produce light, but most of them are used to produce heat.

Standard lamps do not produce heat. Their main purpose is to produce light, so they do not have infrared light and the little heat they produce is a waste. It is recommended to use bath heat lamps when you need them, because instead of keeping them on for a long time, they heat your bath quickly.

When you have a lot of heat in the bath, you can easily take a shower or bath, especially in winter. It even keeps your tiles warm so that you do not feel uncomfortable walking on cold tiles when you take a hot shower. It is also very important to place your bathroom heat lamp because it heats the area in a few minutes.

Bathroom heat lamp are usually installed on the ceiling, so you need to make sure that they are placed directly where you want them. Keeping the bathroom heat lamp on for a long time will no doubt generate heat, but there are more energy-saving heaters you can buy, which are the main source of heating and also save energy.

Infrared heat lamp

Infrared heat lamp are used as a treatment that may help skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal. Infrared heat lamps expose you to low red or near-infrared levels. Infrared light is an energy that your eyes cannot see, but your body can sense heat. Researchers have long known about Infrared heat lamp therapy. But there are not many studies on it and they do not know if this method is better than other types.

Chicken heat lamp

The best chicken heat lamps for hatching chickens mimics the warmth and security of a mother hen. Chickens are not born with feathers. Instead, they are covered with natal. This mollusk eventually acts as an insulating layer under the feathers of an adult hen – but it cannot keep the feathered chick warm alone. Chickens raised by a mother place themselves under the mother’s feathers, protect themselves from any wind, and regulate their body temperature by relying on her body heat. Chickens that grow alone need heat from another source and chicken heat lamp does this for them.

There are a few important considerations when it comes to choosing the best chicken heat lamp for chickens or for adult ones, if the shelves are too cold for comfort. Notice that safety is first. A good heating lamp protects the breeder or cage without the risk of overheating, burn injuries or even fire. Heat lamps are not the same size for animals. They must consider the unique instincts and behaviors of the animal regarding the temperature and color of the heat light.

How long do chicks need a heat lamp?

Using a chicken heat lamp for helping chicks to grow may not be like climbing under the mother bird’s protective wings. However, it certainly keeps the chicks full of chicks warm and healthy for the 8 to 12 weeks it takes for the adult feathers to grow. So the is not a certain answer to how long do chicks need a heat lamp question. It’s enough when their feathers’ growth becomes complete.

Heat lamp for dogs

Heat lamp for dogs is used for keeping a dog or puppy warm. Ideally, a heating lamp bulb for pets is installed inside a dog house or kennel. Heat lamp for dogs maintains the warmth of the area so that the dog is kept warm, protected, and comfortable.

Dog kennel heating lamps are especially useful in the winter months. Heat lamp for dogs are also very useful for dogs and puppies that are very sensitive to cold or if the pet is recovering from illness and needs more heat.

The amount of heat emitted is a key factor to consider when choosing Heat lamp for dogs. A standard 150-watt heat lamp bulb has the potential to increase the heat in an insulated dog kennel to between 5 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal shape depends on the installation and other conditions of your dog’s home. It is estimated that a 100-watt light bulb will heat an area of 4 to 5 cubic feet.

Types of heat lamps: product introduction

Here you can find information about well-known models of Heat lamp bulbs:

1.Fluker’s Red Heat Bulbs for Reptiles

This model of heat lamp bulbs provides the radiant heat (infrared light) needed by reptiles. If the reptile is not provided with a suitable ambient temperature range (ATR), it may be prone to chronic infections. Because ATRs vary from species to species, ask your pet specialist or review the available literature for guidance in determining the right ATR for your pet.


·         Perfect for Basking Animals

·         It can be used in the evening to watch your pet without disturbing the night


·         Short life span

2.Qixivcom 2-Packs 100W Reptile Heat Lamp

This heat lamp bulb is made of ceramic and usable for terrarium aquarium amphibians, snakes, chickens and birds. It is a 24-hour heat source and is suitable for wet environments.


·         Double reflector design

·         35% more heat and light

·         Essential UVA rays for optimum health


·         Lighting is weak

3.Fluker’s Ceramic Heat Emitter for Reptiles Black, 100 Watts

This product is designed for use with Repta-Clamp lamp with switch. Reptiles are ectothermic or “cold-blooded” animals that depend on ambient temperature to regulate their body temperature.


·         Energy efficient

·         Affordable in price


·         No cons reported

4.BYB Heat Lamp

Whether you have reptiles, chickens, goats or older pets, the BYB heat lamp provides the pleasant warmth they need during the cold winter months. Using this lightweight and portable heat lamp is very simple, just plug it into a suitable socket and your pets can sleep under its soothing heat. The 100-watt waterproof element is so versatile that it can be used in a terrarium or 30 to 40 gallon tank with high humidity, breeder, poultry, egg incubator, dog house or cat litter. You can even use it for personal use or as a natural greenhouse heater to help plants grow better and faster.

The BYB heat lamp is 99.9% energy efficient because it uses a sturdy Ni-Cr alloy wire that guarantees 24 hours of constant heating and a lifespan of 10,000 hours. Must be connected to a 110-120V socket E26. To prevent burns, please allow at least 1 hour for the dropper to cool before turning it off.


  • Perfect for reptiles, amphibians, pets, chickens, goats, peacocks
  • Anti-crack high-purity pottery clay
  • Waterproof design is safe to use in humid terrariums
  • Can be used in a greenhouse
  • 99.9% energy efficient
  • Ni-Cr Alloy resistance wire bring 24 hrs constant heating and 10000+ hrs life span
  • Does not emit any light
  • Large circular emitter directs heat to increase basking area
  • Fast and effective infrared heat


  • Can get a bit hot for baby animals in a small area
  • May release a slight smell when it’s turned on

5.Aiicioo Heat Lamp

This lamp creates a natural warm sun-like environment for your baby chicks, reptiles, spiders, cat or dog. The 60-watt 100% high efficiency infrared radiant heat emitter creates a natural sun-like atmosphere and an instant 24-hour uniform temperature pattern.

As the heat lamp is made from high-purity anti-crack pottery clay, it is specially designed to work in high humidity terrariums. Its flat-faced design also ensures better efficiency up to 10,000 hours.

Especially ideal for baby animals, the long-wave heat is gentle but still strong enough to penetrate the scales and skin tissue, promoting health and healing, and increasing the ambient air in a 10-gallon terrarium. The emitter does not produce any glaring light, it will not disturb the normal sleeping patterns of your animals. The heat lamp must be attached to a compatible AC 110-120-volt porcelain incandescent socket to enlampsure that is does not overheat.


  • High quality
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent price
  • Ideal for reptiles, pets, and baby chicks
  • No glaring light
  • 100% high efficiency and effective long-wave infrared radiant heat
  • Flat-faced design also ensures better lighting efficiency up to 10,000 hours
  • Creates a natural sun-like atmosphere
  • Fast 24-hour uniform temperature pattern
  • High-purity anti-crack pottery clay
  • Specially designed for high humidity terrariums
  • Increases the ambient air temperature in the terrarium
  • Strong but gentle heat is perfect for baby chicks
  • Ideal for daily use


  • The temperature may not be high enough for larger outside cages
  • Only generates a small amount of radiated heat to about 4 to 5 inches

6.Zacro Heat Lamp

As soon as you install this Heat Lamp in your plant or animal terrarium, they will have a snug and nurturing environment night and day. As well as being the perfect heating solution for a snake, chameleon, or a bearded dragon, you can also use the heat lamp for birds, a hamster, or your elderly cat.

The 100-watt flat-faced black ceramic emitter has a 99% thermally efficient infrared element that radiates fast, stable 24-hour heating and lasts for a super long time up to 9,000 or 15,000 hours.

As the lamp emits no light, your pet will enjoy an uninterrupted day or night sleeping schedule. Its small 4.7 x 3.2 x 3.2-inch size is perfect for a small tank or a pet’s sleeping area. To provide safe and effective heating, make sure that the heating lamp is placed far enough away from your pet that they do not touch the lamp.

Zacro also includes a bonus digital thermometer that has Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. The heat lamp has to be used with a ceramic E27 11- volt socket because a plastic socket may melt the lamp holder or even cause the lamp to explode.


  • High Quality
  • 24-hour heat source suitable for reptiles, amphibians, birds, hamsters or other small animals
  • Infrared radiation works not only for heat retention, but also for health care
  • 99% infrared element with high thermal efficiency
  • Smooth face design is more efficient and durable than conical design
  • Fast, stable and long-lasting heating up to 9000 or 15000 hours
  • A heater lamp without lighting does not disturb the animal’s sleep pattern
  • small size
  • Solid black ceramic design
  • Ideal for a humid environment
  • The award-winning digital thermometer has Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures
  • Comes with LR44 battery for thermometer


  • It can melt down plastic socket
  • cannot provide enough heat over a larger area

7.OMAYKEY Ceramic Heat Lamp 2-pack

provides fast heating for your pets or baby animals during the cold winters. Your reptiles or baby chicks will enjoy basking under the warming heat of the highly efficient 75-watt infrared element that is long-lasting up to 9,000 or 15,000 hours.

As the element does not emit any light, your pets will be able to maintain their normal sleeping patterns. This two-pack gives you great versatility. Use one heat lamp for your pets and use the other one in your grow tent to cultivate thriving plants.

The compact 3.94 x 2.95-inch heating lamp is made from solid, durable white ceramic. It is simple to install, just screw it into a standard porcelain E27 AC 90-120V socket inside a 40-gallon tank or a similar sized pet enclosure. Always make sure that you only use it with a porcelain socket as a plastic socket can melt. The heat lamp is also available in black ceramic and with a thermometer.


  • Great quality
  • Excellent value for money
  • Very affordable price
  • Solid, durable white ceramic
  • Compact design
  • Highly energy efficient and effective infrared element
  • Long-lasting heat up to 9000-15,000 hours
  • Emits no light
  • 24-hour heat source is great for reptiles and amphibians or baby chicks
  • Can be used for plants in a grow tent
  • Simple to install


  • Must be used with a porcelain socket, because the plastic socket can melt

8.theBlueStone Ceramic Heat Lamp

TheBlueStone heat lamp is designed specifically for the unique environment of a snake or lizard. Because reptiles and amphibians have a pokylotherm system that constantly changes their body temperature to their surroundings, the heat lamp provides a suitable level of warmth in winter temperatures for sick infants or reptiles. The emitter produces 99% infrared heat with a thermal efficiency of 250 watts between 0.75-1000 microwaves and raises the temperature to 62.5 to 89.5 degrees Fahrenheit to provide a fast and stable heating source in a large tank. The heat emitter does not produce any light so it does not interfere with their normal sleep habits. Large lamp 23.5 x 15.5 x 15.5 inches with durable black ceramic design is suitable for humid environments but not for water tanks. Should be used with 110-120V china socket. You can also use this heat lamp for birds, chickens or other types of pets.


  • Specifically designed for reptiles
  • Can be used for birds, chickens or other types of pets
  • Super-sized 250-watt bulb
  • Ideal for a larger reptile tank
  • Solid black ceramic
  • 99% thermally-efficient 250-watt infrared heating emitter
  • Quick and stable 24-hour heating source
  • Emits no light
  • Long lifespan up to 20,000 hours
  • Suitable for a wet environment
  • Also available in a mini 50-watt bulb


  • Can take a while to heat up
  • Can give off a slight burning smell if used with a plastic fixture
  • Not designed for a small area or water tanks

9.Fluker’s Ceramic Heat Lamp for Reptiles

Fluker’s Heat Lamp will keep tree frogs and alike reptiles’ terrarium at the optimal cozy temperature so they can thrive. Your pet may be prone to digestive problems, infections or breeding behaviors if the environment is unsuitable. The 100 watt Fluker ceramic dropper is a great 24-hour heating solution for your desert or tropical pet.

Its durable white ceramic circular emitter delivers the right amount of super-hot radiant infrared heat to your pet’s habitat, and its element lasts up to an amazing 25,000 hours. Once you install it in your pet tank, you will soon see your reptiles under its soothing heat. Since this element provides warmth without bright and blinding light, your pet will enjoy its natural sleep patterns.

It is very easy to set up a heat lamp. You can connect the lamp to a suitable porcelain socket or use a Repta-Clamp fluorescent lamp with dimmer switch, which is sold separately. A standard “light timer” is available in hardware stores and can be used to turn off the heat emitter in the evening and turn it on again in the morning to create a more natural environment.


  • Ideal for tropical or desert or amphibian reptiles
  • White ceramic heat emitter with a durability of 100 watts
  • Ideal for heating a 40 gallon tank
  • Thermal element with amazing durability 250,000
  • Efficient 24-hour super-efficient infrared heat
  • It does not emit any light
  • Creates a suitable ambient temperature range for reptiles
  • Easy installation in a convenient porcelain socket
  • Designed for use with Repta-Clamp Fluker with an adjustable switch
  • Can be used with standard “light timer”
  • Available in 1 or 2 packs


  • Not ideal for larger tanks

10.Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Heat Lamp

This versatile dual lighting / heat lamp combination gives you maximum 24-hour comfort day and night for heating and lighting. Your turtle will enjoy a natural environment with daylight and warmth during the bitter winter. This lamp is easy to install and the heat lamp comes with its own metal hanger base. Its user-friendly design includes a ceramic socket that houses both incandescent and fluorescent lamps up to 100 watts, and a 6-foot wire with a linear on / off switch.

This lamp is designed for the safety of your pet, as its very tall dome design extends beyond the surface of the lamp to prevent the lamp from protruding and to prevent your pet from accidentally coming into contact with the lamp. The heat lamp comes with a 50 watt halogen lamp with a durability of 2500 hours Turtle Tuff.


  • Perfect for all aquatic turtles
  • Polished aluminum mini deep dome interior increases light and heat output by up to 30%
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Extra-long deep-dome design
  • Bonus Turtle Tuff 50 watt halogen basking lamp
  • Suitable for a 20-gallon tank
  • Long-lasting 2500-hour bulb
  • Ceramic screw socket accommodates both incandescent and fluorescent reptile lamps up to 100 watts
  • 6-foot power cord with an in-line on/off switch
  • 1-year warranty


  • No dimmable switch
  • Metal handing stand is not very strong
  • Not to be used with a plastic socket

In conclusion

The goal of this guide was to answer key questions about a heat lamp and we looked at some of their more common uses, features and main types that you can purchase online or by yourself. Just remember that you should avoid over-exposure to most high-power electrical stuff switched on around the clock, especially if they are unmonitored. 

What are the best 10 camera hard cases ?

Camera hard cases are made to protect your camera kit from knocks and bumps, and of course, the bad weather so it has to be Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, shockproof, and airtight. They allow us to keep all your camera kit together, close to handle, and easy to access 

while you need them. Camera hard cases have a diverse range of types, models and advantages. You can easily opt one using the following detailed tips.

  • Pelican 1510 CaseBest overall

  • Pelican 1200 CaseBest expensive

  • Monoprice Weatherproof Hard CaseBest price

  • Pelican 1510 Hybrid Case

  • SKB iSeries 3i-1309

  • Vanguard Supreme 53F

  • Meijia Camera Case

  • HILDRYN Hard Camera Case

  • HPRC 2550W with Second Skin

  • Vanguard Supreme 40F

What is a camera hard case?

The way to safeguarding your camera when you are moving is to store it with a lot of padding. Your camera body and the different focal points ought to be embraced in a padding, with no unreasonable space for them to move around. It is in every case best to lenses from the main body of your camera. You should remember to put lens wipes and cleaning supplies in your camera hard case. Utilizing your sleeve can make an astounding measure of harm your lens glass.

It is a good idea remove the battery before putting it in the case since there is chance of leakage or accidental short-circuiting of the terminals. Your camera and gear ought to be put away in a dry, all around ventilated space. For preventing your camera hard case from mold or mildew, you can put a desiccant inside it and replace it with a dryer one every few months.

Numerous expert photographers pick a devoted camera rucksack or sack to store their gear when they are in a hurry. Yet, for the individuals who incline toward somewhat more adaptability and flexibility, travel case for camera is an incredible other option. This models are not as restrictive as a camera backpacks. You have greater freedom to carry only what is necessary, dropping the appropriate lenses and bodies into your case; being sure that they will not be scratched and damaged.

Where to buy the best camera hard case?

Hard camera cases can be bought from online shops as well as department stores and depending on your location; you can choose where to buy a camera case. The important thing to note is that the store should apply a full guarantee on behalf of the product company.

What are the top 10 camera hard cases?

Since camera and its equipment are expensive, choosing the right camera case for it requires a careful consideration. However, if you do not take measures to protect it, you can quickly make your equipment useless. Cases are as vital as carrying equipment so a variety of protective equipment like ra hard cases, hard camera cases etc. are available in the market. Deciding which part is right for you can be confusing quickly but you should know that protection is more important than style.

Below you can see the types of hard camera cases that you can buy at a relatively reasonable price in the market:

1.Pelican 1510 Case

The Pelican 1510 is one of the most popular options for holding and carrying your camera. This travel case for camera offers many features that you should consider when buying a hard camera case. Pelican brand has a long history of producing products that protect photographic equipment from damage and Pelican 1510 Case is one of them. The company’s products are popular among elites, and many feel that Pelican 1510 Case is the best option for storing expensive cameras and their accessories. To be more familiar with this model you can know more about it knowing pros and cons.


·         Waterproof with an automatic pressure equalization valve

·         Waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof

·         A trustworthy brand with guarantee

·         Well-set for airplanes


·         This case for camera is expensive comparing to other models

·         Limited customization

·         Slightly old locking system

2.Pelican 1200 Case

This camera hard case are kept watertight by using a tongue and groove fit and a polymer o-ring. Pelican 1200 Case standardized with an Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve that releases built up air pressure while keeping it water resistance. The inside foam customizes the interior and stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors. Single folding front handle is another feature of this case for camera.

The camera hard case interior dimensions (inches):

9.25 x 7.12 x 4.12. Foam Layer 1 (Lid)-1.19 inch (Convolute), Foam Layer 2 (Base)-2.19 inch-Pick N Pluck (.50 inch x .50 inch squares), Foam Layer 3 (Base)-0.56 inch (Solid)


·         Holds the camera with all of the backs

·         Handy and compact

·         waterproof


·         Not suitable for LiPo batteries since the foam is rubber 

·         Not suitable for bigger cameras

·         Not fireproof

3.Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case

This camera hard case is designed and developed to bring about the highest level of safety standards. Shockproof design of this model offers a fully customizable interior foam. An ultraviolet and impact resistant material with pressure relief valve allows gradual pressure equalization and makes Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case outstanding. Other qualifications are 28.6-liter internal volume that weighs only 16.8 lbs (7.6 kg).

The camera hard case interior dimensions (inches):

20.51 x 10.94 x 7.48 (521 x 278 x 190mm). External: 21.93 x 13.70 x 9.76 (557 x 348 x 248mm).


·         Waterproof up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes

·         Shockproof design

·         Dustproof

·         Ergonomic

·         Manual pressure relief valve that eases pressure equalization

·         easy portability by having wheels allows it to work as ra hard case


·         latches are difficult to open

·         there is no space to put lock on it so not an air travel case for camera

4.Pelican 1510 Hybrid Case

1510 Hybrid Case is another top Pelican camera case. If you see the name Pelican, you can be sure that you have a quality to carry rough. The exterior is L 22 inches, W 13.81 inches, D 9.00 inches, while the interior is 19.75 inches, W 11.00 inches, D 7.60 inches. No matter what kind of packaging you use, it is big enough for a long trip.


  • It is waterproof and has US military standards
  • The equalization valve stabilizes the pressure inside the case and does not expel water
  • This model option has both splitters and foam inserts
  • Lenses and other items fit well between the separating panels, and each of the camera bodies can have its own custom foam place
  • expandable wheels and handlebars make travel comfortable and easy


  • Heavy when full
  • there are no dividers in the case

5.SKB iSeries 3i-1309

SKB 3i-1309 is one of the smaller cases on this list. But SKB does not compromise on build quality. This is a handy bag that keeps your belongings safe. Internal dimensions are 13.7 inches L, 9.2 inches W, 7.5 inches D, which is enough to store a DSLR or mirrorless camera. You can also get two extra lenses and other accessories without clogging the frame. 


  • SKB 3i-1309 has a degree of military rigor
  • The outer hard frame is very hard  
  • completely waterproof
  • Foam inserts and door guards keep equipments safe
  • suitable for short trips and is small enough to carry as a hand luggage 
  • Reasonable price


Not big enough for long trips

6.Vanguard Supreme 53F

The Vanguard Supreme 53D case offers the same level of safety and excellent protection. The length measures 25 inches, the width is 20 inches and the depth is 9.5 inches, so you do not have to decide which camera to take or leave. There is a lot of space for all models.


  • The padded interior has enough pockets for all your equipment and lenses
  • It is waterproof and crush-proof and can withstand 120 kg of external pressure
  • Safe locking sockets and thick latches


  • The wheels are not fit for a big case like that

7.Meijia Camera Case

The Mejia camera case gives you strength and durability in a small package. This is a handheld camera bag for photographers who like to travel light. Internal dimensions are L 14.6 inches, W 10.2 inches and D 6 inches. When it comes to camera bodies, you only have one there. 


  • Extra space for one or two lenses
  • The inner foam keeps your equipment safe
  • completely waterproof
  • interior foam is customizable


  • edge on the lid could be cleaner as you can see slight discoloration

8.HILDRYN Hard Camera Case

This is a great hard camera case from HILDRYN. They are one of the lesser known manufacturers in this field, but this camera frame stands against the competitors. Total internal size L 20.3 inches, W 11.4 inches, D 7.3 inches. You also have enough space for several cameras and several lenses. The inner foam can be detached so you can customize each pocket for a precise fit.


  • completely waterproof
  • Telescopic wheels and handles carry equipment easily
  •  Perfect for international travel
  •  latches lock completely


  • No color diversity

9.HPRC 2550W with Second Skin

The Italian manufacturer HPRC proves that its bags can be stylish, as the 2550W color accents enhance the look. Other good points include ergonomic two-stage door latches, a regular handle opening clamp, and the smoothest rotating wheels we encounter on a rigid frame. This model also shows the basics. It looks as hard and unbreakable as any other hard frame, yet it weighs 5 kg. This is a very regular way to carry more items than you can with a typical cube foam interior, and makes maximum use of the interior size of 51 x 29 x 20 cm. It measures 55 x 35 x 23.6 cm on the outside, which means you have to stay within most of the cabin luggage restrictions.


  • Well designed
  • Great interior
  • Top-notch toughness


  • Foam interior would be softer, but you can spec this instead
  1. Vanguard Supreme 40F

This hard case keeps your kit dry up to 5 meters deep. However, with its cubic foam interior, you should be surprised how this case may sink so deep in the first place. Its 43 x 29.5 x 17.5 cm internal dimensions provide enough space for a full-frame DSLR and three or four lenses, but there is not enough space to carry a glass larger than 70-200 mm f / 2.8. It translates to a very comfortable outer size of 46.5 x 36.5 x 19.5 cm and an average weight of 4.4 kg – and it comes with a full and intact foam interior. 


  • Practical size for smaller camera kits
  • Very well priced


  • Not designed for carrying large lenses
  • No roller wheels
  • flexibility, but also at an additional cost.

In conclusion

When you are a professional photographer, keeping your equipment safe should be one of your top priorities. If your camera breaks during your project, you will be completely frustrated. This is why more and more photographers are using hard camera frames to transport their equipment. They are great for international travel and great for everyday use. You just need to choose wisely among top cases.

Best Star Projectors 2022: How to choose the best one

In previous centuries, the earth got gloomy and ghastly at night as there were no light sources for humankind. But since the 20th century, more and more cities are appealing to stunning delicate designs made by advertisement banners or laser projectors at the top of the skyscrapers.

The question is, why not have these refulgent innovations in our homes? In this article, we will get familiar with two new-branded projector types on the market, which are the star projector and the galaxy projector. We will also mention the best galaxy projector plus the best star projector collections we can find on online markets.

What is a star projector?

A star projector, also known as a Planetarium projector, is a device utilized to project images of celestial objects onto the dome of a planetarium. Between 1923 and 1925, the Carl Zeiss company invented the first model of a star projector, and since then, we have had more complex and appealing star projectors in local and online shops with different shapes and sizes.

What are the best star projectors?

Let’s review the best star projector collection we have on Amazon:

  • LaView Star Projector HD Image Large Projection Area LED Lights for Bedroom Infrared Remote ControllerBest expensive

  • Star Projector, Night Light Projector with Remote, 360 Rotating

  • BlissLights Sky Lite x Ark Lite- Star Light ProjectorBest price

  • GE LED Star Tap Light, Night Light for Kids, Tap ON/OFF, Battery OperatedBest overall

  • Projectables 40873 Northern LED Night Light, Tabletop Star Light Projector

  • Northwest Constellations Star Lamp Projector, Multi-Color

  • Sunset Lamp Star Light Projector Night Light with USB Star Light, 7 Colors + 13 Functional Modes

  • WINICE Star Projector Night Light for Kids’ Bedroom

  1. LaView Star Projector HD Image Large Projection Area LED Lights for Bedroom Infrared Remote Controller

This is a new-brand star projector using 8 sets of high light transmission (LTR) optical lens and an extra 3 Level light adjustable green laser light. The product provides 0-90° adjustment, which can increase the usability of the projector for users. You can also switch project modes between ceiling and wall. You can enjoy the high-quality material of the star projector, as well as being modern and cozy.


  • Multiple LTR optical lens
  • High-quality material
  • Modern design


  • Being too large for small rooms
  • Slightly heavy
  1. Star Projector, Night Light Projector with Remote, 360 Rotating

The next candidate for being in the best star projector collection is the new child of ‎KESITIS. The product can generate a 1000-lumen flux of light with only a 5-Watt power source. You can find some special features such as 15 lighting modes, 360-degree rotation, color options (blue/green/red), speed control, and brightness control in this package. The listed star projector is light enough (only 1.18 pounds), so you can carry it anywhere you decide.


  • Light-weighted
  • 360-degree rotating feature
  • 1000-lumen luminous flux


  • No battery mode
  • Only one light is available
  1. BlissLights Sky Lite x Ark Lite- Star Light Projector

If you crave to have a shiny map of blue stars on your roof, then try the new BlissLights star projector. By creating a relaxing spa environment, dinner can be converted into a romantic one. More after, the product incorporates a direct diode Laser, precision glass optics, and holographic technologies to create an otherworldly visual experience.


  • USB power source
  • Precise laser diode utilizing


  • Slightly sensitive to damaging
  • Products with electrical plugs are designed only for use in the US.
  1. GE LED Star Tap Light, Night Light for Kids, Tap ON/OFF, Battery Operated

Need a quiet baby room with a beautiful atmosphere? The GE LED star projector can make this for you. The easy-to-use product can create the reminiscent of the beautiful evening sky on the wall and ceiling. It is battery-powered, so no matter if you want to use the item in your car or in other environments


  • Inexpensive
  • Battery-powered
  • Super light-weighted (4.5 ounces)


  • Mono-colored
  1. Projectables 40873 Northern LED Night Light, Tabletop Star Light Projector

Get the colors of galaxies closer to your house with the next member of our list here. You can enjoy the enchanting color combinations which pierce the darkness and provide a calm situation. The product is energy-efficient, and you need only 3 AA batteries to use the star projector for hours.


  • Micro-USB or battery operated
  • Automatically times out after 60 minutes in battery mode


  • No laser diode feature
  1. Northwest Constellations Star Lamp Projector, Multi-Color

If you think a calm and bright room is the essential thing you need right now, the multi-colored Northwest star project can do this for you. Perfect for use as a night light, you can place the product on your table, in your kitchen, or even on your bookshelf. Exclusively light (only 4.8 ounces), you can launch the system with only 3 AAA-batteries


  • Battery operated and no need to be plugged-in
  • Super light-weighted


  • Occupies a large place, not suitable for little rooms
  1. Sunset Lamp Star Light Projector Night Light with USB Star Light, 7 Colors + 13 Functional Modes

The new tabletop star project with 13 functional modes can give a romantic look to your room. You can rotate the projection Lamp head 360 degrees according to different scenarios. With being small-sized and easy to operate, it can be used in cars, your camping site, or your private room for generating a better area to study and relax.


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Multiple color modes
  • Small size


  • Sensitive to being damaged
  1. WINICE Star Projector Night Light for Kids’ Bedroom

The last item is exclusively designed for your lovely kids, which resembles a fat shiny fish. The product is designed with four lighting brightness modes (10%, 30%, 50%, and 100%) for each color mode. You can use the 360-degree rotation mode to make the projected images wave on the ceiling. The 1500mAh rechargeable battery of this star light projector allows you to take it outdoors without wires.


  • Beautiful design
  • Remote control mode
  • Safe for kids


  • Slightly expensive

What is a galaxy projector?

The galaxy projector is a more sophisticated version of mentioned star projector, with additional Night Light, remote control, timer function, built-in music, and LED lights used for your kid’s bedroom or living room.

What are the best galaxy projectors?

Let’s see what we have as the galaxy projector collection on online markets, especially Amazon:

  • Galaxy Projector Light Planet Star Lights Remote Control Strobe Light Christmas Lights

  • One Fire Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, White Noise Galaxy Light, Remote TimerBest overall

  • LitEnergy LED Sky Projector Light, Galaxy Lighting, Nebula Star Night Lamp with Base and Remote Control

  • MAITENG Nova Stars Original Home Planetarium Starry Sky Projection Lamp USB Rechargeable Galaxy Light Projector

  • Thiaoouba Astronaut Galaxy Projector

  • LITWOW Galaxy Star Projector, Music Sync RGB LED Laser Starry Sky Night Light

  • Car Interior Roof LED Star Light USB Atmosphere Starry Sky Night ProjectorBest price

  • LKYBOA Galaxy Starry Sky Projector Rotating Water Waving Night Light Led Colorful Nebula Cloud LampBest expensive

  1. Galaxy Projector Light Planet Star Lights Remote Control Strobe Light Christmas Lights

Are you a fan of the solar system? Then have a small-sized version on your ceiling. The sound-activated function can make a smoother place for you and the family, whenever you think the atmosphere needs to be changed. The galaxy projector is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and stainless steel, so never get worried if you drop the product.


  • High-quality material
  • Remote control feature
  • Multiple color designs with 10 planets (only one planet can be projected at a time)


  • Expensive
  • No 360-degree rotation mode
  1. One Fire Galaxy Projector for Bedroom, White Noise Galaxy Light, Remote Timer

The 3-in-1 LED galaxy projector is a great option for creating a soothing spatial environment on the walls and ceiling. The items contain a built-in Bluetooth function and 6 white noise modes, so it never gets boring for the user. You can also connect the galaxy projector to your smartphone and play your favorite song with the HIFI-speaker mounted on the product.


  • Built-in Bluetooth option
  • Multiple white noise modes


  • High-energy consumer
  1. LitEnergy LED Sky Projector Light, Galaxy Lighting, Nebula Star Night Lamp with Base and Remote Control

Having the star, cloud & full moon mode in one galaxy globe projector is fantastic. The product comes with a battery operating and a power cord, so you have multiple choices for your power supply. Moreover, consider having 7 different colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, and purple, and mixing colors for your options of 9 lighting modes.


  • Remote control
  • The Safe light option for your kids’ eyes


  • Slightly large-sized
  1. MAITENG Nova Stars Original Home Planetarium Starry Sky Projection Lamp USB Rechargeable Galaxy Light Projector

If you are looking for something special for your room, you probably need a galaxy projector with the small hole imaging principle. All you need to do is assemble the product and short press the key to open and enjoy your time. By long-pressing the button for 1.5 seconds, you have access to change 3 modes monochrome, two-color, and three-color lighting. You have two models of power supply to choose from; while the USB interface power supply is available, you can also use the charging mode with a 1500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery for cyclic charging.


  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple color modes
  • Attractive design


  • It needs to be manually assembled
  • High-energy consumer
  1. Thiaoouba Astronaut Galaxy Projector

If you think traditional galaxy projector designs are not the object you are looking for, then why not try this cute galaxy globe projector, which is honestly a happy astronaut waving for you. The product has 7 kinds of nebula effects, as well as remote control and an adjustable projection angle feature. Furthermore, our astronaut galaxy light projector is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, which are safe for your health.


  • Modern style
  • Environment-friendly material


  • No 360-degree rotation mode
  1. LITWOW Galaxy Star Projector, Music Sync RGB LED Laser Starry Sky Night Light

To have a piece of soft music combined with bright galaxy colors, take this new LITWOW galaxy globe projector. The item can create a great experience for kids’ bedrooms, game rooms, and home theaters. The Hi-Fi music speaker mounted on the projector is capable of broadcasting soft and lovely music deep into your brain. You can choose red, green, blue, white, or a combination of colors according to your mood.


  • Remote control
  • Light-weighted (only‎ 12.2 ounces)


  • Indoor use only
  • Corded electricity-powered
  1. Car Interior Roof LED Star Light USB Atmosphere Starry Sky Night Projector

To have the solar system and galaxies in your car, you need the tiny member of the best galaxy projector collection in our text, which only requires a USB socket and can be easily carried in your bag or pocket. With a 360° flexible body design, you just need to bend the USB star light to create different projection angles.


  • Mini size design
  • Best suitable option for cars and tight places


  • Mono colored
  • No battery operating feature
  1. LKYBOA Galaxy Starry Sky Projector Rotating Water Waving Night Light Led Colorful Nebula Cloud Lamp

As the last offer of our text, we have this modern galaxy projector with 7 colors and dynamic projections. Made of high-tech plastics, you can gift the product at family parties and use it in your house and at weddings. The basic requirement of the mentioned galaxy projector is AC 110-220 Volt, with an operating temperature of only 104 Fahrenheit.


  • Multiple operation modes
  • High-tech and strong design


  • Too expensive
  • Heavy to carry


Thank you for reading. All listed star projectors and galaxy projectors are manufactured in the best quality, and they are different only in the mission they are made for. If you think you have not found the star projector or galaxy projector Amazon you love to have on our list, you can search for other products on Amazon and alternative online marketplaces.

Vizio vs Samsung: The complete TV comparison 2022

Which one is better to be watched; Samsung or Vizio televisions? How can we make a better decision about them? Purchasing a high-quality TV is more difficult than you think. In this post, we will take a better look at the Samsung vs Vizio battle, especially asking some questions such as “are Vizio TVs good enough to compete with Samsung TVs?” and even more.

Is Vizio a good TV?

Vizio is an American digital manufacturing company founded in 2002 by entrepreneur William Wang and two founding employees. In the first two years of the company’s life, it was known as “V Inc” until Wang changed the name to Vizio in 2004.

With total revenue of 2.04 billion dollars, this Californian TV Company is one of the biggest companies and owns a big share of the global digital products market. Is Vizio a good TV? Why not. Vizio became the largest LCD TV seller (by volume) in North America.

TV sets are Vizio’s primary product category, and these days, all TV collections can be categorized into different subgroups;

M-series Quantum
P-series Quantum
P-series Quantum X
OLED TV-series

Who makes Vizio TVs?

To answer the question “who makes Vizio TVs,” most of the TV products are manufactured in Vizion’s main factory field in Irvine, California. However, there are many Television set factory plants in Mexico, China, and Vietnam under agreements with ODM assemblers in those foreign countries.

Vizio TV Reviews

If you decide to take a quick look at Vizio TV reviews on the internet, you will understand that many users have positive thoughts about this American TV seller. For example, if you visit, you can see more than 200 Vizio TV reviews in which users from all over the world have written their true experiences about working with the mentioned Television sets. Some of these reviews are gathered below;

Mark of Sedona, AZ

“Nice flat-screen full 1080-P & smart capabilities. No need for an antenna or firestick. The TV is super light & thin, and I was able to mount it myself with no additional assistance. I was able to take advantage of Best Buy Price Match Guarantee in making the purchase.”

Patrick of Culloden, WV

“I have a 55-inch Visio that works very well with satellite and streaming. The image quality is very clear and bright, making TV watching a very nice experience. The remote works extremely well with DirecTV and my streaming services.”

Mike of Midland, Michigan

“I own a Vizio 65-inch Smart Television. I have had this TV set for about a year and a half, and I have been quite impressed with the image quality. It is bright and sharp with great color resolution. The TV’s sound is adequate, though it would be nice if it could be better.”

Vizio TV sizes

You have a wide spectrum of possible choices when it comes to Vizio TV sizes, where your chosen product can be compatible with any size of the living room and any size preferences. Here, we have collected some Vizio TV sizes, which you can find on online markets and local stores, with their approximate prices;


VIZIO 24 inch (23.5″ Diag.) HD Smart TV | D24h-J09: 130 USD
VIZIO 32 inch (31.5″ Diag.) HD Smart TV | D32h-J09: 160 USD
VIZIO 32 inch (31.5″ Diag.) Full HD Smart TV | D32f-J04: 180 USD
VIZIO 40 inch (39.5″ Diag.) Full HD Smart TV | D40f-J09: 230 USD
VIZIO 43 inch (42.5″ Diag.) Full HD Smart TV | D43f-J04: 250 USD


VIZIO 43 inch (42.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | V435-J01: 290 USD
VIZIO 50 inch (49.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | V505-J09: 300 USD
VIZIO 58 inch (57.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | V585-J01: 400 USD
VIZIO 65 inch (64.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | V655-J04: 500 USD
VIZIO 70 inch (69.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | V705-J03: 600 USD


VIZIO Quantum 55 inch (54.5′ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | M556-H4: 390 USD
VIZIO Quantum 50 inch (49.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | M50Q6-J01: 400 USD
VIZIO Quantum 55 inch (54.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | M55Q6-J01: 450 USD
VIZIO Quantum 58 inch (57.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | M58Q7-J01: 600 USD
VIZIO Quantum 65 inch (64.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV | M65Q6-J09: 600 USD

You can learn more about the Vizio TV sizes and their related specifications by visiting the official Vizio website.

Is Samsung a good TV?

The next rival in our article is a here from the south-east region. Samsung started its journey in 1969 under the title of “Samsung Electric Industries” until 1988. With more than 287,000 global employees, Samsung nowadays is one of the giants in Silicon Valley, producing more than 800 types of digital products.

Samsung founded its TV sets factory plants back in the early years of the 21st century. Is Samsung a good TV? The company sold around 31 million flat-panel televisions in 2009, which makes it the owner of the world’s largest digital market share for a fourth consecutive year. In 2007, Samsung introduced the “Internet TV” product, enabling the viewer to receive information from the internet network while at the same time watching conventional television programs.

Who makes Samsung TVs?

Many Samsung TV manufacturing sites are planted in different countries rather than the origin country, which is South Korea. You can see some of these manufacturing sites in Asian countries, including China, India, Pakistan, and other American countries such as Brazil and Mexico.

Samsung TV Reviews

Due to its global fame, Samsung has to keep the customers happy with new television sets, which you can understand the fact from related Samsung TV reviews on different websites. To take as an example, we have collected some of these Samsung TV reviews for you in the following text;

Shara of Brandon, MS

“Samsung is pushing boundaries. They give their phones the best hardware, memory, ram, processor, display, and cameras. Their televisions are in 5 of my rooms. These TVs are simple to operate and have had no issues.”

Clarence of Linwood, PA

“I have a 70 incentive flat-screen TV. I have had it for over five years, and it is not hooked up to cable; and I must say it has the best image quality I have ever seen, and it is hooked up on an outside antenna, and the picture is perfect, and I get about 35 channels, and I am happy.”

William of Saugus, MA

“I have the Samsung 65-inch curved screen. 240 motion rate. Sports like hockey, soccer, and basketball are fantastic to watch. The 4K resolution feature really is nice, but not broadcast that often. The speaker system is a surround sound, which performs very nice.”

Samsung TV sizes

Different versions of Samsung TV sizes are available from 43 inches to over 82-inch products. To get more familiar with Samsung TV sizes, we have introduced some of them as an example here;

Samsung Crystal UHD BU8000: 50″, 55″, and 65″
Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV: 65″, 75″, and 85″
Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV AU8100: 50″, 55″, and 65″
Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV AU9000: 55″ and 65″
Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV AU7000: 43″, 50″, 55″, 58″, 65″, and 75″

You will get more information about the Samsung TV series if you visit the official Samsung website.

Vizio vs Samsung; the complete comparison

Since we now have a foggy picture about the Vizio and Samsung television products, it is time to run a Vizio vs Samsung battle to see which one is a better choice for our homes;

TV technology

Both companies are supporting LED-LCD television sets in their available options. Samsung released an OLED TV a few years ago but hasn’t done much with the technology since. And for Vizio, OLED technology is still too expensive to fit into its low-priced branding strategy.

Image quality

Although the image quality is a kind of personal preference, most reviews declare that Samsung has a better position in this term than its rival. Vizio’s 4K performance in terms of image quality is considered average by the majority of rating services. Therefore, the manufacturer needs to focus more on its 4K quality promotion.

Audio quality

As the television gets larger, the audio quality lowers because of built-in speakers. As a result, large-screen TVs need to have a separate audio system to transfer the sound properly to the watcher. In this case, Samsung has better products in the field of stand speakers, though neither Samsung nor Vizio have an above-average audio performance from the built-in speakers.


Large TVs have to connect to different services, requiring several ports such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and component audio/video. If you are looking for a TV set with better port quality and ergonomic features, Vizio is a better choice.


This item can be the most important aspect of any manufactured product from the lens of customers. Several years ago, Vizio entered the large screen TV market as a low-price alternative to other television sets. It has kept its position in the international markets because of its competitive prices. If you have a limited budget, purchasing Vizio TVs is recommended.


Thank you for reading. We have reviewed all essential elements a customer needs to know in the case of purchasing a new television set for his or her home. Are Vizio TVs good? We can say they are good enough to compete with other digital manufacturing giant factories on the international stage. Who wins the Vizio vs Samsung comparison? If you think the image quality is more important than being negotiable, consider buying a Samsung TV. However, many households cannot dedicate a massive budget to their TVs, so most prefer Vizio TV models.

Best steam iron for clothes to buy (2022)

What do we need to make a better life in our homes? A big fridge with lots of food? A nice coffee maker machine? Maybe a great dishwasher to get rid of making our smooth hand skin terrible?

No matter if you are a man or a lady, your clothes need to be stainless and laundered. In this article, we are going to answer some questions about steam irons, how to clean a steam iron, how to use a steam iron, and also introduce the best steam iron for clothes.

  • Rowenta Everlast 1750-Watt Steam Flat IronBest overall

  • PurSteam Professional Grade 1700W Steam Press IronBest expensive

  • Black & Decker Allure Professional Steam IronBest price

  • CHI Steam Iron with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate

  • Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Fast Iron

  • Panasonic Cordless, Portable Multi-Directional Steam Flat Iron

  • Black & Decker Classic Steam press Iron

  • Rowenta Advanced No Setting No Burning Steam press Iron

What to look for when buying an iron?

Before trying to search for a nice steam iron, we need to consider some parameters which will affect the durability of your steam iron and further electrical bills;

  • Wattage

Any machine needs fuel to work properly. If you want to have a powerful steam iron with a fast-heating feature, take care of the wattage factor on the products. As you know, the wattage also determines the amount of steam generated by the device. The higher the wattage your device has, the better the performance of the iron.

  • Ergonomic design

These days, we are faced with complex steam irons with lots of buttons and pre-scheduled programs. In order to work with your device, the steam iron must be easy-to-handle, heat resistant, and shockproof. This will guarantee your safety while ironing your clothes.

  • Temperature control

We all have different kinds of garments with varied materials. Because of that, we need to iron them under different circumstances, so a temperature-flexible iron is required. The temperature can be regulated according to the fabric so that they don’t overheat and damage the fabric.

  • Weight

Have you seen the ancient, full-metal irons made 60 years ago? These days, women need to be more muscular than now to iron their clothes!!! As the technology improved through time, irons took fasting and got lighter. A steam iron in the 1.5-kg range is ideal for getting rid of all creases in your clothes.

  • Water tank capacity

An iron needs water to generate steam for you. as a result, an iron’s water tank must be large enough and also well water-proofed so that water never licks in the following years.

  • Auto shut off technology

Sometimes we forget that the iron is plugged in and on our precious clothes. To prevent a big burning disaster, a steam iron should have an “auto shut off” feature so that it turns off the iron while not needed.

  • Price and warranty

The last item is how much we need to pay to get a guaranteed steam iron. Most irons in markets have a 2-year or more warranty, and they can be classified into different price categories due to their superior advantages. If you want to have a high-tech steam iron, you have to allocate a bigger budget for it.

How to clean a steam iron?

Irons need to be cleaned periodically. The most common place which we should clean is the bottom steel plate, as it has to transfer heat directly from the heating element to your clothes. How to clean a steam iron? Here, we have three recommended methods by which you can reset your steam iron to its first day;

  • Soak a Towel in Vinegar

You can use a clean towel with a vinegar bottle to clean your iron. Soak your towel in vinegar, and then set the steam iron onto the towel with the iron plate facing down. Let the device sit for 30 minutes and wipe it down.

  • Iron over a Newspaper and Salt

Believe it or not, this is a magic way to clean your steam iron quickly. Flip your iron to the hottest setting mode and layout a newspaper on your ironing board. Now sprinkle enough salt over the newspaper, and iron the salty newspaper in circles until it is clean.

  • Use ice cubes with a plastic knife

Sometimes your iron comes into contact with something plastic, which is completely a disgusting mess. To remove the plastic particles from the steel plate, unplug it and let it cool. Then, fill a metal bowl or pan with ice cubes and place the iron plate onto the ice to harden the plastic quickly. Take a plastic knife, scrape away the plastic, and then wipe down the surface with vinegar spray or a damp rag.

How to use a steam iron?

Steam irons are too easy-to-use these days as technological improvement has made them safer. Young children can now even iron their delicate dresses without their parents worrying about burning or other possible threats.

How to use a steam iron? Take this guide to use your device with any problem;

  1. First, fill the water tank of your iron according to the product’s instructions. Modern models have a removable tank that you can fill separately. However, if your device doesn’t have it, you need to take the whole iron to the sink. Clip the tank back into the iron and plugin it into the electricity.
  2. Check the label on the garment to determine the right fabric setting. Set the iron’s temperature level accordingly, and wait for the soleplate to heat up.
  3. Spread the garment on an ironing board and move the steel plate smoothly on it. Your steam iron will release steam automatically as you work. Note that you need to iron your garment fabric only long enough to smooth it, not long enough to dry it.
  4. If you have deep wrinkles on your cloth, use the iron’s spray function if water doesn’t damage the fabric. Iron over the damp section to relax the wrinkles.
  5. Whenever you don’t need ironing, Set the iron on its heel and ensure the heated steel plate is not facing you. When you are finished, unplug the iron, and empty the water carefully while the iron is hot

Best 8 steam irons for clothes

Now it is time to review the eight best steam iron for clothes from different brands on online markets, such as Amazon and Walmart. Here we go;

#1 Rowenta Everlast 1750-Watt Steam Flat Iron

This Rowenta steam iron can create special moments for any user with five stars. High power, auto shut-off feature, and the patented scale collector technology will help you iron your garment flawless. Furthermore, you can enjoy the self-clean system, which flushes small calcium particles through the soleplate’s tiny holes.


Weight: 3 pounds

Dimensions: 12.59 x 7.09 x 5.71 inches

Power: 1750 Watts

Material: Stainless steel

Warranty: N/A

Price: 120 USD

#2 PurSteam Professional Grade 1700W Steam Press Iron

The new model of the PurSteam Company has multiple steam output and temperature options, so you don’t have to worry about burning your favorite clothes. With the power of 1700 watts, your clothes’ wrinkles will relax too quickly. There is also an anti-calcium and self-clean system, which increases the life of your steam iron.


  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.07 x 7.17 x 5.51 inches
  • Power: 1700 Watts
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 60 USD

#3 Black & Decker Allure Professional Steam Iron

A great steam iron design with professional steam technology, the new Black & Decker steam iron model is deserved to stand at the top position in markets. The auto-clean system allows you to keep your iron in optimal condition by cleaning the internal area of the soleplate. This model also has an ergonomically-designed handle that fits nicely in your hand.


  • Weight: 1.89 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.28 x 5.69 x 11.68 inches
  • Power: 1600 Watts
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 60 USD

#4 CHI Steam Iron with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate

Considered the best Chinese steam flat iron, CHI’s new child can boost your speed at ironing your shirts and blouses. With more than 400 steam holes, you will have a powerful steam generation ability that can relax your clothes’ ultra-deep wrinkles. You can use the iron as far as you can from an electrical plug as you have an 8-foot cord for this product.


  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 12.3 x 6.4 inches
  • Power: 1700 Watts
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 100 USD

#5 Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Fast Iron

Do you want to have your steam iron from power-off to full heat in less than a minute? The new version of Maytag’s irons can do almost anything you want. A precise thermostat can handle any kind of garment, especially your expensive silk dresses.


  • Weight: 2.94 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches
  • Power: 1400 watts
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 40 USD

#6 Panasonic Cordless, Portable Multi-Directional Steam Flat Iron

If you think steam irons with long cords are useless, Panasonic cordless steam fast iron will meet your demands. You can simply set the steam iron into its charging base and set the temperature for the fabric you are ironing. The temperature is reached in a minute or two, and you are ready to go. There is a detachable water tank, and you don’t need to bring the whole iron to the sink.


  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7 x 11.94 x 9.31 inches
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 85 USD

#7 Black & Decker Classic Steam press Iron

If you are a fan of classic designs, take a better look at this new-branded Black & Decker steam fast iron. The handy fabric guide printed right on the steam iron makes it simple to select the proper setting for each garment. More after, the durable aluminum soleplate of this iron will glide smoothly on any type of clothes you have.


  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 4.8 x 5.3 inches
  • Power: 1100 watts
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 30 USD

#8 Rowenta Advanced No Setting No Burning Steam press Iron

The last item in our list to be set as the best steam iron for clothes is a Rowenta steam iron with more than 350 active steam holes at the bottom. You don’t need any thermostat on this steam press iron, as there is an optimal temperature setting for all fabrics. You can use the powerful 180 gram per minute steam shot when required.


  • Weight: 3.69 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 12.3 x 5.8 inches
  • Power: 1725 Watts
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Price: 40 USD


Thank you kindly for reading. All factors you need to know in order to choose a nice steam iron for clothes are listed in this text, and you can compare the available steam irons to make the best decision. If you think Amazon is not a nice place for purchasing steam iron, take a look at the steam iron Walmart section, where you will find appealing offers.

What are the top 10 smart wallets to buy?

If you think typical pocket wallets are not made for keeping debit cards, I should say it is completely true. These electronic cards are kind of sensitive, fragile objects which can be bent while you sit on your wallet or keep it in your jeans’ pocket.

So, what about smart wallets? In this post, we will see what exactly the smart wallet does and review the top best smart wallet for men and women.

What is a smart wallet, and how does it work?

As maybe all of us have experienced once in our life, credit card mess is a boring phenomenon which we need to recognize our debit card from a mortgage card-like pieces of a huge puzzle. Furthermore, these magnetic cards are vulnerable to electronic devices as they can change the pattern of these cards’ electric fields, leading to damage or total failure.

In order to prevent this disaster, smart wallets are invented so they can protect your important bank account cards. Note that a smart wallet is similar to a physical wallet as we carry them around, not a digital wallet. Unlike the physical smart wallet, digital wallets only store Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, bitcoins, and other digital properties.

What makes smart wallets “smart” for us? Some features of a smart wallet are exclusive, as you mentioned below;

  • Minimalist size
  • The ability to track smart wallets if they get stolen or misplaced
  • RFID blocking
  • Extended durability compared with traditional physical wallets

What are the best smart wallets?

Since we get an idea about what a smart wallet is, it is time to take a step further and review the top ten best smart wallet collections on the market, especially smart wallet for men;

  • Ekster Parliament Wallet in Fine Leather with RFID Protection

  • Bellroy Note Wallet (Slim Leather Bifold Design, RFID Blocking, coin pouch)

  • TRAVANDO Money Clip WalletBest overall

  • Vegan Leather Bifold Smart Wallet

  • Clifton Heritage Leather Wallet

  • Hawanik Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Smart WalletBest price

  • Card Blocr Credit Card Slide Smart Wallet

  • The Ridge Minimalist Slim Smart Wallet

  • SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Smart WalletBest expensive

  • Buffway Slim Minimalist Smart Wallet

1.Ekster Parliament Wallet in Fine Leather with RFID Protection

As the first item on our list, this Ekster smart wallet can do almost anything for you except accept your tiny coins. With a fine leather cover and RFID protection, you can make sure that there is no possibility of losing your deb cards during your daily time or on a trip.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 12.19 x 7.37 x 2.54 cm
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Capacity: more than ten credit cards
  • Purpose: card + cash; no coined money can be storage
  • Price: 89.06 Euros

2.Bellroy Note Wallet (Slim Leather Bifold Design, RFID Blocking, coin pouch)

Unlike the first member of our top best smart wallet collection, you can also store your coins in a specific pouch in this smart wallet. Both suitable for men and women, the new-brand Bellroy Note smart wallet has more than ten color designs that can meet all customers with any preferences.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 3.35 x 0.51 x 4.06 inches
  • Weight: N/A
  • Capacity: more than 11 cards
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash + coin money
  • Price: 86.56 Euros

3.TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet

Another high tech wallet with a fashion design made for young adults. This elegant, smart wallet is designed to fit perfectly in any pocket without bulging, so don’t get worried about your new trouser. More after, all smart wallets are tested by an independent German quality control institute (TÜV Saarland) and can block the most commonly used 13.56 MHz band.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 4.7″ in x 3.0″ in x 0.7″ in
  • Weight: 69 grams
  • Capacity: 7 credit cards
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash; no coined money is storable
  • Price: 66.34 Euros

4.Vegan Leather Bifold Smart Wallet

This is a smart wallet for men, especially for those guys thinking their smart wallets must be made of high-quality Vegan faux leather. You can have plenty of storage for your credit cards, insurance cards, or business cards, two cash compartments, and an ID Window.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 4.75 x 3.56 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.7 ounces
  • Capacity: 9 card slots
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash; no coined money is storable
  • Price: 30.99 USD

5.Clifton Heritage Leather Wallet

If you are looking for an inexpensive smart wallet, take this item for only 8 dollars. Let’s talk about the capacity; 5 card slots, one currency note compartment, 1 document holder &1 ID cardholder. You can also store your cash in this all-leather product safely.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 3.94 x 3.15 x 0.79 inches
  • Weight: 1.41 ounces
  • Capacity: 5 cards
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash; no coined money is storable
  • Price: 8 USD

6.Hawanik Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Smart Wallet

A high tech smart wallet with a Built-in Case for AirTag: The holder has a strong buckle snap, protecting your key finder securely. If you are not amused yet, enjoy the RFID protection ability with a huge space in which you can store all your credit cards with cash in the smart wallet.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 4.72 x 3.54 x 0.31 inches
  • Weight: 2.47 ounces
  • Capacity: 5 card slots
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash; no coined money is storable
  • Price: 13 USD

7.Card Blocr Credit Card Slide Smart Wallet

Get this masterpiece with an RFID protection feature, as well as enough space to store your non-embossed/embossed cards. Card Blocr is a nice choice as a smart wallet for men and women with more than ten different color designs.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 3.75 x 3.4 x 0.65 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Capacity: more than five cards
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash; no coined money is storable
  • Price: 40 USD

8.The Ridge Minimalist Slim Smart Wallet

Do you want to try a new smart wallet? Then try the Ridge minimalist smart wallet. This high tech smart wallet can store up to twelve credit cards and it will guarantee the safety of your money. Although the smart wallet is a little bit expensive, I think it does worth having this item in your pocket, with your cards in it.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 3.39 x 2.13 x 0.24 inches
  • Weight: 87 grams
  • Capacity: 12 cards
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash; no coined money is storable
  • Price: 85 USD

9.SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Smart Wallet

The capacity is incredible with the new version of SERMAN smart wallets, as you can find a front pocket made for easy access to your most used card. Two pockets on the inside, with a photo ID slot and a money clip to hold your cash. Unfortunately, you cannot keep your coins with this product.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 3.9 x 2.85 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: N/A
  • Capacity: 6 to 8 cards
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash; no coined money is storable
  • Price: 76.40 Euros

10.Buffway Slim Minimalist Smart Wallet

As a smart wallet for men and women, the Buffway smart wallet is made 100% from natural leather and can provide a secure environment for your debit cards and cash. Note that this product is released with a protective layer that blocks 13-14 MHz electronic signals trying to retrieve your personal information.


  • Dimensions of the smart wallet: 3 1/8″ x 4 7/16″ (1/8″ thickness without contents)
  • Weight: 31 grams
  • Capacity: 8 credit cards
  • Purpose: credit cards + cash; no coined money is storable
  • Price: 78.45 Euros


Thank you for reading. Almost all smart wallets are protected with RFID blocking, so you can ensure no damage is threatening your credit cards. Some of these smart wallets also have an additional security option so that you can find your smart wallet via your iPhone if you are miles away from it. You can find more smart wallet offers on Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces.

The 10 best handpans to buy in 2022

You might have noticed the two curved hand-held instruments that many bands use through performing. These two pieces of instruments are called handpan drum and play a vital role in the sound enhancement of the whole band. If you like to have a handpan, the good news is that it is available on the online market. Here, we made a list of the ten best hangdrums and their key features to help you make the best choice.

What is a handpan?

The handpan is the real name of the hangdrum instrument made by two young inventors in 2000 from Switzerland. Usually, there is a dimple in each note’s middle of each hang drum, and there are several Gu (holes) under the instrument, too. In general, each hand pan can generate between 7 to 12 notes, but the most common ones have nine notes. Today, you can find names and various types of handpans, such as tongue drum, and Pantam. But the most appropriate name for this instrument would be drum Handpan or Pantam.

How to make a handpan?

It might be interesting to know that each handpan builder uses different actions to reach the unique sound. And over the years, these formulas get more advanced and distinct.

While it might seem hard, you can make a basic handpan drum. Here are six simple steps that you can take and make a handpan instrument.

  • First, you have to choose a flat steel surface and make a bowl shape.
  • Then it is time for heat treatments, you can choose among different methods like torches, kilns, ovens, or furnaces.
  • In the next level, you have to shape the handpan, and you can use different tools for this process
  • In the fourth step, you have to start tuning.
  • After that, it is time for gluing. Most of the time, you can use adhesives at this level.
  • After the glue, you have to retune it again. As a handpan builder, you have to retune the instrument via the soundhole with a small hammer.

How much is a handpan?

If you are looking for a handpan drum for sale, and do not know how much it might cost, continue reading this paragraph. Here, I will divide the price of the handpan into three groups. While it might seem a lot, I think they are not expensive for what they are.

  • The first group is the group of solid handpans with a standard number of notes (7-8) from a good maker. Based on the new reports, you have to pay more than $1,000-$2,500 to buy instruments from this group.
  • The second group is named ‘top-shelf’ with more notes, and you have to pay around $3,000-$4,000 to buy such an instrument.
  • In the end, if you want to buy something rare or custom, I can not mention any price. Just, I have to say that you can expect to pay more in this case.

Where to Buy a Handpan?

If you want to buy a hand pan, it is important to know where you can buy a great handpan instrument. These days, you can find handpan for sale through online markets like facebook ads, Amazon now, and eBay. Just be careful to buy a good handpan, you have to choose a trusted online website. Here, my suggestion is the Amazon website, because you can see different kinds of hand pans with their prices and compare them together based on other customers’ experiences.

What are the best handpans as of 2022?

Here, I made a list of the best handpans available in the market with full details of each product to help you buy the right kit.

  • Tzevaot AEOLIAN Handpan 440hz

  • HandPan Tongue Steel Tank Hank Handmade

  • Tree of Life Hijaz 12″ Drum HandpanBest price

  • HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel Tongue Percussion DrumBest overall

  • Bali Steel Pan

  • IdiopanDomina 12-Inch Tunable Steel HandpanBest expensive

  • Handpan Tongue Drum 10 Tones

  • Tongue Hand Pan / RAV Vast 2 / B RUS (RAV Universal Scale)

  • Hijaz Drum Handpan Tongue Steel Tank

  • Handpan Bali Stell Pan

1.Tzevaot AEOLIAN Handpan 440hz

If you are a musician who looks for a great hang drum, my first suggestion is the Tzevaot AEOLIAN. This amazing handpan will truly meet your musician’s needs. If you want to buy this handpan instrument, be sure that it is crafted with durability at heart that ensures safe traveling, shipping, or storage. Among other key features of this item, I have to mention its resistant rust and its certificate of authenticity with a registered serial number.

Tzevaot AEOLIAN has a dark and light appearance and a beautiful balance of energies. You can play a wonderful magical sound using the (G) C D E F G Ab Bb C scales of this instrument.

You can find the latest price of the Tzevaot AEOLIAN Handpan 440hzon on Amazon.

2.HandPan Tongue Steel Tank Hank Handmade

This item is another handmade handpan with a sensitive surface. Every touch on this instrument means a beautiful melody to the ear. Play this gorgeous instrument, and expect to get inspired by its shimmering sound.

If you are looking for a handpan to increase your creative prowess, I suggest HandPan Tongue Steel Tank Hank Handmade. The best point about this handmade instrument is that it is modern and sophisticated with captivating feeling notes. Check the latest price of the HandPan Tongue Steel Tank Hank Handmade on Amazon.

3.Tree of Life Hijaz 12″ Drum Handpan

The next option I want to introduce is the Tree of Life Hijaz 12″ Drum with uniques and fantastic features. This modern instrument has 11 tones, perfect for jamming solo. If you are not a professional, do not worry because this instrument is very easy to play. Besides nice tones, this product has a unique packaging and a distinct finish. No difference you are playing jazz, steel, or traditional, this handpan would be a perfect instrument to complete your band. Tree of Life Hijaz 12 gives you that sensitive feeling while it has a hard surface because of the famous heat treatment known as steel nitriding. Check the Amazon website to find the latest price of Tree of Life Hijaz 12″ Drum Handpan.

4.HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel Tongue Percussion Drum

Whether you are a professional or beginner, the HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel tongue drum could be a great item to buy. This hang drum is famous for being small but mighty, which refers to its compact size with a loud sound. If you want to know about the size of this handpan, I have to mention that it is an instrument with a dimension of 8, a width of 5.5, and weighs 3.4 lbs. Also, when you buy this handpan, you will receive a free well-written instruction booklet and a nice travel bag to fit. Before buying this case, you can check the price of HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel Tongue Percussion Drum on Amazon.

5.Bali Steel Pan

The third option I want to introduce is a handmade handpan instrument named the Bali steel pan. This well-appearance instrument has a perfect finish and a custom-tuned tone, which will please your musical needs. If you want to buy this handpan, you have to know that it is made on the Island of Indonesia called Bali, and you can order your favorite custom scale at the point of purchase.

Among the good features of this handpan, I  have to mention that it is very smooth without any ripple or bump on its sensitive surface that produces a loud volume. Check the latest price of Bali Steel Pan on Amazon.

6.IdiopanDomina 12-Inch Tunable Steel Handpan

Another great handpan that you can not miss if you want to buy this instrument is Domina’s handpan. This is a big instrument with a loud sound and high sensitive touch. It is designed bright and well crafted in the USA from American steel. Using this instrument helps you play eight notes and tune it to lots of scales. One of the fantastic features of this popular instrument is the properly tuned C major with G3 / C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 C5 D5. After the purchase, you will receive a pair of mallets. Also, do not worry about how to keep it safe because it has a maintenance-free powder-coated finish. If you want to buy this item, you can check Amazon for the latest price.

7.Handpan Tongue Drum 10 Tones

If you are looking for a Handpan Tongue Drum perfect for all music genres, you can buy Handpan Tongue Drum 10 Tones.

All musicians will be pleased with the sound and resonance of the music. As the sound of this handpan drum is open and all notes are matched well, it will help you create an environment to meditate. If you want to buy this drum with a pleasant finish and perfect craftsmanship, you can check the Amazon site and find the latest price.

8.Tongue Hand Pan / RAV Vast 2 / B RUS (RAV Universal Scale)

If you want a rugged finish with excellent sound, nothing is better than this unique, beautiful sound harmony hang drum. Also, this handpan has a rubber hard rim and resilient anti-rust surface to protect the instrument from damage. This is tuned from B2, D3, F#3, A3, C#4, D4, E4, F#4, to A4 and might not be suitable for beginners. If you want to know about its price, check the latest on Amazon.

9.Hijaz Drum Handpan Tongue Steel Tank

This item is a new product that is 12 inches with ten tones.  Hijaz Drum is beautifully crafted with an outstanding finish and a blend of old and new features. This handpan is suitable for beginners and professionals as it is easy to play. We believe that this durable and beautiful instrument will give you peace as it can play the scales for all genres of music. The interesting point is that, unlike most handpans, there is no sign of any ripples or bumps. You can check the latest price of the Hijaz Drum Handpan Tongue Steel Tank on Amazon.

10.Handpan Bali Stell Pan

The last item is an instrument that screams quality. There is a beautifully designed bag and rubber rods to accommodate the handpan. Even amateur players will understand that it is a quality handpan as the steel is hardened and properly heated at the right temperature. Its scales help you suit any kind of music, but it might be difficult for a beginner to learn it. If you want to buy this handpan instrument, check the Amazon website to see the latest price of the Handpan Bali Stell Pan.


If you need a piece of relaxing music for meditation or like to play a unique modern instrument, you might be interested in a handpan. Read the above text to learn more about the hadpan instrument, and where to buy it. Also, you can see a list of the ten best handpans in 2022 with details.

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